5 Reasons to Get Expert Banner Ad Designs

Ever wondered who made that cool banner design you stared at yesterday while on Twitter? Ever thought about how great it would be if you would have one of those for promotion? A banner that says it all.

A banner ad design that makes you wonder “Why didn’t I think of that before?”. Ever tried to design your own banner but it never got that “wow” factor? Well, we are here to tell you something! You are definitely not the only one! But why is that?

At a first glimpse, it might seem that a do it yourself banner would be as easy as it sounds? A big logo, to make sure that the audience sees it, an image, some text and voila! That’s it! How hard can it be to make a banner, right? Nothing more wrong than that!

If you want to make your own banner, you probably think that you’ll reduce your costs efficiently while actually, you are certainly gonna reduce your income and sales. Do you want to take that chance? Here’re the top 5 most important reasons why you should definitely turn to a professional banner design service.


I. Engagement (No, not the ring type one!)

Did you ever have a hard time deciding for yourself regarding life choices or any other personal issue, but you found it very easy to give others advice in a similar situation? That is because you are too emotionally involved in your situation. Usually, most people are good at giving advice to others because they can detach themselves from the situation and see everything from outside the box, thus being objective.

This is one of the main reasons why banner ad designers would do a better job than you.They will be able to come up with something fresh because they can look at your brand from a new perspective. Being too involved can affect your approach, leading to a boring web banner design.

Advice no 1

Detach yourself and look at the banner making the process from outside the box. Feeling overwhelmed? Let a professional banner ad designer do it!




II. 3… 2… 1… Happy New Ranking!

Every banner advertising design has 3 basic elements, the sugar, the spice and the everything nice, also known as a logo, message, and call to action.

When you design your own banner, most people tend to leave it to the logo, thinking that the logo is the most important part of it. The logo’s mission is to raise brand awareness, but it shouldn’t take the spotlight. The most important thing that all professional banners have in common is the hierarchy.

Any banner ad design should put emphasis on the message and the call to action button. The message should be very clear and take most of the space. Usually, the main message contains words and expressions like “free”, “50% sale” or “premium quality”. This is the first thing that should drag your attention.

The next component in this hierarchy would be the hook, as we know it, the call to action button. It usually contains phrases like “shop now” or “click here” and it should be the second most important thing in your ad. An experienced banner ad designer knows that there is a fine line between these 3 and will know how to accentuate each one in particular, while still keeping an overall harmony.

Advice no 2

Make sure your banner has a clear ranking. You don’t want to confuse your readers, instead of walking them step by step through your message. Feeling overwhelmed? Let a professional banner ad designer do it!



III. Fonts not fonts

Drawing attention to the right thing, in the correct order, can very easily translate into choosing the right fonts. When you design a banner ad, these details might slip through your fingers. An experienced banner ad designer has all these elements already in his mind and has an eye for the do’s and don’t’s of what makes a banner design successful.

The guidelines of the do’s start with choosing the right fonts and sizes for your text. Most banner ad designers consider that it is very important to make the headline and the body text different in sizes. Keep it short and concise! Also, fonts that are cursive, smaller than 10 pt or too thin are a big “no” on any professional banner designer list.

A professional ad banner design will reflect and guide the reader through the message. The main purpose is a click on the call to action button. The reader’s eyes should be captivated by one thing at a time and not at once. Also, the chosen fonts should match your logo.

Advice no 3

Make sure you use a clear font! Sometimes, letters like “n”, “m”, “u”, “w”, “v”, or “o” can look alike. You don’t want people to confuse “mousse” with “moose”, right? Feeling overwhelmed? Let a professional banner ad designer do it!




IV. Match, Match, Match

Let’s think of your brand as a fashion collection of clothes. That means that the fashion show that you are working on, in order to promote your collection, would be the advertising campaign.

But what’s the thing that makes a collection, a collection? The glue that keeps it all together? Is it the materials and textures that are being used? The colors of the clothes? The models that are modeling for you? Or the design of the clothes? The answer is all of them.

Everything should match with everything and be in accordance with the vibe of the collection. But that doesn’t mean that all the clothes should be the same color or made from the same material. In other words, all the components of your banner advertising design should match your overall message of the brand (the website, the colors you usually identify with, the logo and so on).

Of course, colors can be subjective depending on culture and target, but mainly, they each represent a feeling or mood. For example, red is usually associated with passion or danger, green can mean fresh or environment, purple is royalty, while black can mean evil and exclusivity at the same time. Also, banner designers use the RGB color mode.

Furthermore, professional banners must stand out, but in a non-irritating way. There is a fine line between those too. Your banner ad design should be complementary to the web page, but at the same time blend with it, creating the illusion that it belongs in it.

Pictures also play a very important part in the success of a banner design. The image should be an extension of the message. If you can’t afford a professional photographer, a very good stock photo will do the trick.

Advice no 4

Make sure that your banner designs are consistent and in the same key as the company’s branding. Feeling overwhelmed? Let a professional banner ad designer do it!




V. BFF stands for Best File Format

The main characters of the story are JPG, PNG, GIF, and HTML5. Whenever creating custom banners or personalized banners, keep in mind that some of them, depending on the format, are not supported on all types of devices. If you don’t know which one to choose, find more about each of them here.

Also, it is very important to keep the banner size pretty low, of course, without affecting the content. For example, if your banners are going to be displayed in Google Adwords, their size needs to be under 150 kb. The main point is, your banner ad designs need to load and reach their selling point faster than the audience is scrolling.

Advice no 5

Just let a professional banner ad designer do it!


file format


And the list goes on…

When talking about banner ad designs, the checklist of requirements regarding of what makes a banner successful is pretty long. These were only some of the most significant ones. If you are still wondering how to make a professional banner, leave it to the pros!

An experienced ad banner designer will know exactly how to create the perfect type of promotion in order to portray your expectations. Of course, you can still practice! But why take the chance and experience with your brand? After all, somebody has to design those birthday banners for your friends’ parties, right?

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