All You Need to Know About Website Banner Ads

Did you know that 77 percent of website advertisements go unnoticed? Departmental stores’ with active websites state that they receive only 0.9 percent of upstream traffic due to display advertisements.

It is also true that in the United States, about 22 percent of advertising money is spent on placing ads on the Internet. If you explore the internet, you will find a number of statistics that reflect how tricky the business of advertising online truly is.

Online Advertising – The Reality

For example, how do you digest the fact that only 2.8 percent participants of a study felt that website banner ads were relevant and a whopping 33 percent of internet users simply cannot tolerate display advertisements?

The idea of presenting these statistics in front of you is not to discourage you from selecting to advertise on websites, using banner ads, but to help you brace yourself for the competitive challenge. The idea of using effective website banner design carries with it huge opportunities for all business and through close monitoring of website banners, businesses all over the world have been able to improve their brand appeal by an impressive 31 percent!

Another outstanding benefit of a banner ad is that as compared to searching for a product/service using the search engine; it is much easier to win a response from your target customers through website banners. This is because when your target customers see the banner ad, all they have to do is click on it and reach the exact destination from where they can make a purchase, as compared to having to search online for the right source.

It is also predicted that in the year 2016, the online advertisement industry would have enjoyed revenue, which would be double of what it earned in the year 2011! Now the question is that how can you make use of all this information for the benefit of your business? How can you grow your business through website banners?

Banners for Websites – Essential Stuff you Need to Know

As the name suggests, a website banner is an advertisement, designed as a banner, which is placed on web pages. The idea behind using banners for websites is to create awareness about your brand/company, about your offerings and to get people to visit your website and make a purchase.

With a website banner ad, you can display your products and services, online, visually. This helps put a picture in front of your target audience, which can help them develop an understanding of what your company is all about.

For this purpose, you need to have your website banner designed to be highly engaging and effective. You also need it to be executed in a strategically competent way so that your business is able to reap the desired returns for the advertisement expenditure. Website banners come in varying shapes and sizes and can be advertised on different web pages.

It makes absolute sense to have your website banner placed on websites, which receive heavy traffic. Did you know that according to a survey conducted by AdKeeper, over 40 percent respondents stated that they did not find banner ads to be attention-grabbing or interesting and over 30 percent of respondents said that their response to a banner ad and their decision to click on a website banner depended upon their mood.

This shows that as a business getting into website banner advertising, you must be able to stimulate the mood of your target customers, in order to motivate them to carry out the action desired by you, in response to your advertisement.

How to Make Effective Banners for Websites

Now comes the challenge to make your banner ads more appealing to your target market. The important part is to know how you can compel them to click on the advert and complete the purchase action. Here are a few pointers:


  • Do It but Don’t Overdo It


There is a fine line between being animated in an engaging manner and being animated to the extent that it becomes annoying and repellent. You don’t want to be just another flashy advertisement amongst the many others that keep on getting ignored by the customers.

So here is what you need. You need a simple but an attention grabbing copy which speaks more sense than nonsense. You need visuals that are placed strategically and are pleasing to the eye rather than those which appear scrambled and cramped up inside the banner.

It is always a good idea to use animation, however, the design of your banner should be such, and that the animation does not interfere with the message you are trying to send across, to your customer.

The whole idea is to get your point across effectively, without trying to say too much in too less of a space, but also to be able to utilize the space completely so you get your entire point across. Creativity is key when it comes to website banner design. Smart visuals accompanied by a creative copy will result in a winner website banner ad.


  • Guide your Customer Clearly, So They Know Exactly What to Do


One of the important components of an online advertisement is inserting a clear call to action in the banner ad. Without this, even if your website banner is able to motivate your customers to make a purchase from you, without showing them a way to do so, could result in losing an opportunity for a sale.

Your call to action (CTA) must be visible, approachable and catchy. One of the most important things you need to remember about the CTA button is that it should do exactly what it is meant to do. Your customers should know where the CTA button will take them and it should do its job accurately. This is important because in a study by AdKeeper, over 50 percent respondents admitted to not clicking on a display ad, due to the fear of being misdirected to an undesirable location.

Therefore, you must make sure that you don’t make the same mistake. The what and why concerning your CTA must be clear and it must do exactly what it is promising to do.


  • Don’t De-Link your Website Banner from your Actual Website


Are you exerting the same focus on your website that you are on your website banner? You may be able to hire an expert website banner designer out of your marketing budget, and get an ad designed that is ridiculously awesome, but does it match with your website? What if your radical banner ad excites your customers and they click on it, only to be disappointed or confused because your website is a huge mismatch with the image your ad created in the mind of your customers?

Make sure your website design compliments and supports your banners for websites and your customers feel assured that they have come to the right place. One way of doing so would be to use the same colors which match with the colors of your brand.


  • Use a Blend of Animations, Motions, and Static Elements


A good mixture of animations, motions and, static visuals and text is the recipe for a successful design for banner ads. Motions of zoom, slide, and blink can grab the attention of your customers, but too many flying elements can become mind boggling and downright annoying. Visually pleasing animated elements can prove to be extremely fruitful in creating effective banner ads, but animations add to the file size so you have to be cautious while using them.


  • Choose an Effective Website to Advertise on


Make sure that the channel of website banner advertisement is correct and compatible with your advertisement. Your advertisement should be placed on a web page which is relevant or complementary to the kind of product/service/event you are promoting. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to advertise the launch of your latest double-decker burger on a fitness website.

Since relevancy is an important issue, make sure you portray your banner ads as relevant, by having them displayed at the correct location. Google Adwords has a good ability to help make your banner ads relevant. So does Facebook, with its amazing targeting capabilities.

The Bottom Line – Aim To Make a Lasting Impression!

What you need to remember is that the effectiveness of your website banner cannot be determined by the click-through rate alone. This is because, even if website banners are not able to generate a good number of clicks for you, they can do an effective job of spreading awareness about your advertisement message.

As far as your website banner design is concerned, you need to use out of the box thinking to make your ad design stand out and win a response from your target customers. To make sure you hit the mark with your banners for websites, get your advertisement campaign designed and implemented by a professional banner ad designer like

As an expert in designing and executing banner ad campaigns, professional companies can help you get your money’s worth, by designing effective campaigns, reducing time to market and improving response rates. So what are you waiting for? Don’t get left behind, reap the benefits associated with website banner advertisements.

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