All you Need to Know about Service Landing Pages

When a potential customer lands on your website or landing page, your goal should be to earn their trust. Why? Because if you already have their trust, they will totally buy what you are saying and selling and/or saying. How do you earn it? Well, this is the tricky part.

It usually takes longer to earn somebody’s trust and you might smash it in a matter of seconds. It needs constant work and precaution. It’s like building a road. You want the cars (clients) to run smoothly to the destination, which is your product.

At the same time, you don’t want to become too pushy.  Whenever a person is reaching out to your website, they are looking for information. If what you deliver is not good enough, they might as well just skip yours and go try finding what they need somewhere else.

It’s like interviewing people for a certain job. You keep receiving resumes and read them until you find exactly what you are looking for. You didn’t think about it like that, am I correct?

Now that we’ve established that your landing page is actually your resume, that tries to convince potential customers that you are the right one for the job, we have to think about what exactly is it you should point out in it.

Before we start talking about what you should include in your resume, we should point out a brief definition of what is a landing page, and more specific, what are the basics of building a successful one.

A great landing page should take as much information as possible from the customer, that can help you later on, like email, country of residence or any other personal information. While you should keep in mind the promotion and social media, you should also consider the type of landing page you are approaching.

There are two major types of landing pages: product landing pages and service landing pages. As we discussed the first one in our previous article, we will analyze the main “ingredients” of the best landing page design for services.  


1. Services

Exactly! Tell people what they want to hear. What is the main reason why they should buy you? A great landing page design should include a list of what you can offer, together with you a short resume that will help guide the customer through all of them.

Selling a service is like selling actions.

You should definitely avoid the tendency of selling yourself like a deliverable. You are not selling a product, you are selling a service.

Whether you’re selling branding services, consulting, repairing services (of any kind) or any other service, you should sell it accordingly. Think about your client’s needs. A good services page design should talk exactly about that, services, not deliverables.

Think about this, if somebody who doesn’t know anything about what you are doing, is scrolling down your landing page, the first thing they should notice is the list of your service. So make sure you highlight the most important things, the right way. Make them stand out, and the rest will follow.


2. Proof

High converting landing pages always include proof. What proof? Any kind!

First, you should think about the service proof. Any kind of landing page template or landing page example pushes you towards incorporating proof. Service proof refers to validation or certifications, thus demonstrating people that you are actually qualified to do what you are claiming to be good at.

This kind of proof can include, statistics, pictures, any awards (if you had any) or anything else that shows you in a good light.

On the other hand, there’s the social proof. You really want people to talk good about you, and if they do, you should definitely include that in your landing page design. People will always care about what other people think about you. Aren’t you also checking for opinions on forums or social media before making a big buying decision?

If you have happy customers (which I’m sure you do), ask them to write you a testimonial or share their experience with your service on social media.


3. Keep it short

If you want your service to benefit from an unbounce landing page, you should keep your content on the short side. In an era in which time is such a precious and delicate aspect, you should definitely not take too much time from your potential clients.

Make sure all your content is easy to get through. Short texts completed by images, stats, or videos is just what you need. If you are doing this, the user flow will be much more clear and the chance of losing customers as they scroll down will be smaller for sure.

Follow this easy trick and see how your landing page will become more interactive, thus increasing your engagement.


4. Call to action

You know what I hate the most? Whenever I want to buy something and I can’t find the price for the product or service I am interested in, on the website.

“Price upon request” is the most annoying thing I have ever heard of.

Is like going to a mall and trying on clothes without any price tags on them. Are they for free or what?

Rule number 1, be honest with your customers and tell them up-front what your price is. Even if it’s a higher price. Not only you will help people out, but you will save yourself some precious time, by not having to reply to every single price related email or message. I guarantee your sales won’t get lower if you show your value.

Rule number 2, create smart call to action buttons. Besides the landing page optimization, make sure you offer appealing CTA’s. This would be the easiest way to pull customers towards you. You don’t necessarily have to drive them to buy your service.

A simple register, sign up or even just an email would be helpful in the future. Including words with a positive impact such as “free”, “start”, “now”, “get”, “register” will also help improve your landing page performance.

After all, isn’t this the whole point of landing pages? The gathering of information from clients or potential ones?


5. Trust

Is there a famous brand or person that uses your services? Make sure to point that out. Include their logos or make them give you a quote about how or why they appreciate your services.

This goes hand in hand with the proof. Include badges, certificates, prizes or any other public recognition that can help you gain trust points in the eyes of the public.

Besides all this, you should never forget about the main guidelines. Align your design with your brand, product or service and more than that, don’t sell yourself cheap. Your service landing page design should speak for itself, so don’t neglect your image!

Always remember, trust is the key to anybody’s heart (or wallet).

It takes time to frame it and seconds to break it. Never stop building on it!


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