Boost Your Ad Campaign With Animated Banner Ads

The world of advertising has witnessed an evolution in banner ad designs; banner ads have broken through their traditional style and design, and have updated themselves with time. This is the reason why they are now receiving increased attention from advertisers and bringing in enhanced results for the businesses using them.


The U.S. is the leader, as far as banner ad advertising revenue generation is concerned. In the year 2016, banner ads contributed a massive U.S. $19,554 million in revenues in the advertising industry. And this is not all; the number is expected to grow to more than U.S. $27 million in the year 2017.


Why the Banner Ad Industry has become so Popular


Banner Ad


Digital advertising overall has become a booming industry, experiencing an extremely impressive growth rate. This is because the number of internet users is growing every day. And it’s not just about the growth in the number of internet users; their reliance on the internet for pursuing activities they used to complete offline is growing as well.


For example, the trend of online shopping is gaining popularity, as people find that the quality of products purchased online has become reliable. Furthermore, searching for a variety of options and placing an order online is much easier than visiting different stores physically. Making price comparisons is easier too.


A survey was conducted in 2016, which included more than 5,000 people. As per the results of the survey, people had made about 51 percent of their purchases online; which means that the percentage of purchases made online exceeded the percentage of shopping done offline, from stores.


Since customers are making an increased number of purchases online, it makes sense for businesses to place their adverts online as well.


The other reason is the increased popularity of social media and increase in its user’s reliance for making various life decisions, including purchases.


The number of Facebook users is expected to increase from more than 190 million in the year 2016 to more than 210 million in the year 2017. Thus, placing banner ads on social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, has started to bring in increased results for businesses, including an increased amount of traffic and conversion rates.


Let us now look at the evolution banner ads have been through, since the time they were introduced.


Growth in the Usage of Animated Banner Ads


Animated Banner Ad


In the world of digital advertising, banner advertising is the second most popular. Since buyer behavior is evolving, banner ads should evolve too. Previously, static banner ads were being widely used, but advertisers are now moving towards animated banners.


Just like the name suggests, an animated banner ad includes animations in the shape of images that move. The animation can be of different types, such as, swapping images, the text which changes in color or in size, etc. This animation can be in continuous form, that is, stay in a loop and begin again when it reaches the end or stop at the end with a call-to-action button, enabling users to visit the business’s website or place an order directly, by clicking the button.


The animated banner design was introduced to design highly creative and engaging ads; ones that customers don’t find boring. Animated banners capture the attention of potential customers who are browsing social media platforms and other relevant websites, by standing out and appearing interesting. Let us now discuss why it may be time for your business to consider switching to using animations in your banner ads.


Why Should Your Business Use Animated Banner Ads?


Animated Banner Ad


There are several benefits associated with using animated banners. Since the animated banner ad is a newer form of banner ad design and has some unique characteristics associated with it, it can bring in better results for your business.


  • While the user is browsing through static data, the movement associated with the animated banner can be just what your business needs to divert the users’ attention towards your message. Animations can be attention grabbing and can provide that immediate engagement that you need from your potential buyer.


  • Not only can animations grab your potential buyers’ attention, good animation can keep grasping that attention until the customer receives your complete message. If your animation is engaging enough, it can force your customer to watch the entire advert before moving on.


  • Animations can have a longer lasting impact, be more memorable and increase the brand recall. There is a good chance that your customer will remember your ad and your promotional message when they are out for shopping if your animated banner is well designed.


  • With animations, you get more advertising space and therefore, you can communicate multiple messages across to your customers, with one banner ad. Since images can run in a loop, you can put in two to three promotional messages in your banner ad with a call to action button associated with each image.


  • Good animations have the ability to generate curiosity amongst the audience. So regardless of whether they make a purchase or not, if your banner ad is able to get them to visit your website to find out more about what you have advertised, you are still one step ahead than other businesses in terms of visitors to your website.


  • With animations, a business can create more informative ads and communicate complicated information effectively, by providing a detailed explanation of multiple images.


  • Animated banners can help your business communicate your brand’s story to your customers. Through a series of images, you can show all the sides of your business to your customers. Not only will this help in communicating your business philosophy to your customers, but it will also help increase their understanding of your business and feel like they know you better.


  • Animations have a higher visual appeal. They allow you to get extremely creative and come up with innovative and highly radical ad designs. They can help make your copy more interesting and captivating. They can enhance user experience rather than become annoying distractions, as people browse the internet, including their social media profiles.


So now let’s discuss as to how can you include animated banner ads in your advertising campaign.



Making Animated Banner Ads a Part of your Advertising Campaign


Animated Banner Ad


Just like with all forms of advertising, the first thing you need to do is decide whether getting an animated banner designed for the message you want to communicate is a good idea or not. Do you think your campaign would benefit from designing a banner ad which communicates multiple messages or tells a story about your brand?


The aim of your campaign should be the deciding factor and if you feel that your campaign could make use of animations, then there is a high likelihood that an animated banner ad campaign would successfully get your message across to your customers.


The second thing you need to know is that using animations is no excuse for putting in a weak ad copy. The content and copy of your ad are extremely important, even if your animations are there to win your customer’s attention; a weak copy or content would make your customers lose attention and not watch your banner ad till the end.


Advertising is all about creating a pleasant experience for the viewers; the story is the same with animated ads. If you are able to successfully create a compelling and enjoyable ad viewing experience for your customers, you are likely to get them to click through and convert as well, that is, compel them to make a purchase from your website.


What you need to remember, especially with animated ads, is the effective placement of the call to action button. Since your customers have to go through multiple images before they can get to click on the call to action button, either your ad needs to be engaging enough to keep the customer engaged till the end or you may consider placing a call to action button on every image, so that as soon as your customer desires, they can click on the call to action button, without having to wait until the end of your advert.


You must also make sure that this button is clearly visible and doesn’t get lost in the presence of animations.


overall, this means that the design of your animated banner ad carries a high importance. A well-designed banner ad, with animations and a strategically placed call to action buttons, will be able to get you the results you desire from your advertising campaign.


A good banner ad designer such as can help you save time, money, effort and resources by designing banner ads with animations that hit the mark with your potential customers and get you a good return on the money you spend on your advertising campaign.


So, what are you waiting for? Inject some life in your adverts by having a professional banner ad designer design an effective and engaging animated banner ads campaign for your business!

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