Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign in 2017 With Display Ads

The figure below, based on HubSpot‘s latest update, shows the top digital marketing challenges businesses have to face in the current era. Can you see how generating sufficient traffic and customer leads is the greatest challenge being faced by businesses today?


The most popular marketing challenges in 2017


Here is another figure available:

Top marketing priorities


As you can see, businesses’ top marketing priority is to convert contacts and leads into sales or customers. By this point, you may be wondering, how does this information get linked to the main subject of this article, that is, display ads?


Display ads basically help direct traffic from the place of advertisement to your website, with an aim of converting traffic into sales. Therefore, through the incorporation of display advertisement, as part of your digital marketing campaign, you get a two-pronged impact and can address the leading concerns in both figures, that is, being able to generate leads and traffic as well as being able to convert the traffic and leads into customers for your business.


Creating Display Ads that Drive Traffic and Win Conversions


When first businesses started using display ads as part of their digital marketing campaign, there wasn’t much planning or strategy building around the idea; businesses would design display ads and pay for placing them on various websites, without thinking about proper audience targeting or relevancy of website where the ads were located. Due to this, the initial response generated from display advertising, as measured by click-through rates, wasn’t much impressive.


However, as we enter 2017, the advertisers have become much wiser with creating a proper display advertising strategy, which brings in more focused results and better conversions. Today, display ads are designed to be much more relevant, targeted, engaging and interactive, and thus they are better received by the audience and help create greater intentions of conversions.


A Little Perspective on Click Through Rates


The idea behind successful display advertising is to be able to generate enough click through rates (CTR) so you can get the audience to convert. For the year 2017, here are a few important statistics related to click through rates, as collected by Smart Insights:


  • Display ads continue to struggle with gaining audience attention. Overall, they have on an average, a CTR of only 0.05%. This is the average across all formats, including ads which have flash, text, images as well as rich media.


  • However, when we go into the details of the various display ad formats available to businesses, rich media expandable ads seem to outperform all other types and on an average, enjoy a CTR of 0.1%. If done correctly, the display ads which incorporate rich media can enjoy a CTR of up to 0.22%! This is because the content presented via rich media proves to be highly creative, engaging and interactive and such display ads do the best job of capturing the audience’s attention. An ad which lasts for about 70 seconds, has a video completion rate of more than 60%. This means that more than 60% of the audience will at least look at your display ad. Whether they choose to click on it and convert or not, depends upon the strength of your offer.


  • As far as different mediums are concerned, display ads enjoy the greatest number of clicks through a user’s mobile phone, tablets being the second and desktop computers being the third source. More than 60% of clicks are generated by users through their mobiles which means that while designing display ads, mobile friendly formats are sure to be considered.


  • The idea of incorporating display ads in social media has become much more common since 80% of your audience is using at least one social media platform. It is also estimated that on an average, a person spends about 02 hours daily, browsing on social media. You would find the greatest chunk of your target audience on Facebook, which makes it one of the most popular channels of display advertising as far as digital advertising is concerned. The ROI noted for display advertising on Facebook is estimated to be more than 100% – so how can you not choose this platform for placing your ads? The figure below shows the CTR of Facebook Ads across all industries:



The Secrets to Creating Winning Display Ads In 2017


The above statistics can give us a great insight as far as creating highly effective display ads is concerned. Before we begin discussing it in detail, here is a gist of it all:


  • Display ads having rich media content will bring in the desired results


  • Placing display ads on social media will get you noticed and win you conversions due to the presence of a larger audience and better targeting options


  • Focusing on mobile friendly display advertisement is a must since most people browse the internet using their smartphones these days.


So broadly, these are the three guiding factors for you, as you start thinking of a display advertising strategy for your next digital marketing campaign. However, while following these, you need to bear in mind a few important factors:


  • It may seem like a pretty straightforward solution to place your advertisement on social media, but you must remember that once your display ad gets placed on a social media platform, it is now in competition not just with other ads, but with the entire social media content. Thus, standing out becomes even more important. However, if your ad begins to stand out as an ad, users may ignore it. So what you need is to create an ad with the right balance of blending and standing out. It should blend in with the social media content but have elements in the design which help it to stand out and get noticed. It should not look like an ad, but through attractive imagery and colors, it should be able to grab users’ attention.


  • The target audience is quite varied on the internet. There are people from all over the world and as many people, as many preferences. Therefore, while creating display ads for the digital world, one size definitely does not fit all and therefore, for each promotional offer, you must come up with at least 5 to 10 display ad options. Once you have these in your inventory, it is time to begin the testing, to see which one performs the best.


  • A jeweler may feel like their primary target audience is women and therefore, they may begin to create display ads which are more appealing to women. However, upon analysis of these ads, the jeweler may find out that a greater number of visitors to the website were males, looking for a gift for their loved ones. This would mean that the jeweler now needs to bring in display ads targeted towards the male population. Such analytics help in getting better performance results from a display advertising campaign.


  • You can seldom go wrong with a display ad that contains an emotional appeal. Appealing to emotions is one of the most effective strategies to winning audience’s attention, and you should incorporate this appeal in your display ads too. Human beings are more inclined towards taking action when you appeal to their emotions and invigorate them.


  • Use humor in your display advertisements; since the world needs more laughter and happiness. Humorous content is quite effective at catching a user’s attention. It helps increase the ad recall, does not make the ad appear intrusive or unnecessarily persuasive and also encourages users to spread the word by sharing the humorous content.


  • Provide a clear call to action button. If your display ad gives the audience everything but misses out on the CTA button, they won’t know what to do with the amazing advert they have viewed. So make sure you let them know what needs to be done, in order to convert their intention to buy into an actual purchase.


  • It’s all in the offer. Regardless of how great of a display ad you create, if your offer isn’t appealing enough, you won’t win conversions. People get attracted to a creative advert but only convert if you give them something worthwhile. So present a tantalizing offer to your customers through your display ad, which they simply cannot resist, and see the CTRs and conversions grow with super speed!


Once your display advertising campaign is on the roll, be sure to have measurement mechanisms in place, which can help you analyze the response and the ROI the campaign is generating for you. This will allow you to make appropriate changes to the display ads, and get the most out of them.


It is advised that you hire a professional advertiser for coming up a display advertising strategy for your business and for designing and executing a highly effective display advertising campaign for you. This is because professionals are well aware of what works and what doesn’t; they know the secrets to creating a highly effective digital marketing campaign through incorporating display ads for you.


So what are you waiting for? 2017 is already almost half up! Get working on your display ads and start winning customers.

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