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Did you know that according to a study conducted in the year 2016, out of the entire population of active internet users, about 80 percent owns a smartphone? And what’s more interesting is that out of these people, as much as 50 percent smartphone users begin their day by browsing on their smartphones.

In the light of such enlightening statistics, does it not make sense to use mobile banner ads for getting maximum response from your target customers? And since it does make sense, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that more than 65 percent of companies ensure that mobile marketing is an essential component of their overall digital marketing strategy!

Read on to learn more about mobile banner ads and how they can turn your business around:


The Basics about Mobile Banner Ads

Mobile advertising, as a means to reach the target audience, has gained quite a lot of popularity in this current era of digital marketing. It has become more sophisticated now, with the introduction of mobile apps and banner ads being integrated into social media.

Mobile advertising, as the name suggests, concerns advertising on mobiles, that is, mobiles being the medium for advertisement. Since you know that your target audience is spending quite a huge chunk of their day browsing the internet on their smartphones, it makes sense to reach to them with your advertising message via mobile phone.


mobile banner ads


Smart companies are surely taking mobile advertising quite seriously; so much so that more than 55 percent of the companies have created marketing teams that are dedicated solely towards working on mobile ads.


Mobile Ads Formats and Mobile Banner Sizes

There are two main types mobile ad formats that are in use these days: static and dynamic. Static mobile banner ads, as the name suggests, are ad banners that have static elements. This would include static images and an accompanying promotional text message. On the other hand, dynamic mobile banner ads contain animated elements, such as flashing text, moving images and they may even contain a video message.

Since the world of mobile is quite dynamic, engaging and colorful, it may seem like a better idea to use dynamic mobile banner ads; however, it all depends on your promotional message as well as the taste and preferences of the target audience.

The standard mobile banner appears on the top or bottom of a website the ad is being advertised on. Placing the banner on the top is a better idea since it then becomes the first thing your target audience sees as they visit the website.

Putting it on the bottom is also another practice which companies usually follow, in order to pose their offer as the solution of the content the user has just gone through. Furthermore, since you are not disturbing the user’s experience, placing your mobile ad in such a way is considered to be less intrusive than other ways of pushing mobile ads on customers.





However, other, more intrusive mobile ad formats may not always be viewed negatively; it all depends on your offer and its execution. For example, interstitial ads are a type of mobile banner ad which gets displayed on the entire screen of your target audience, while they are waiting for another app to load or after they have closed an app. This type of mobile ad is more interactive, visible and engaging and may be viewed as something useful while the user is waiting for an app to load.

One of the best mobile ad types is the rich media format since it contains the most interactive, engaging and energetic content. It is, of course, the most expensive format, but the options are unlimited. All you need is your creativity, and then you are free to use it to the max. You can design mobile banners with super dynamic content, such as a chance to play mini-games and win a special offer or get entered in a lucky draw.


Mobile Banner Sizes

Now that we have briefly talked about the various mobile ad formats that you can use, let us briefly talk about the various options of mobile banner ad sizes available. The two most commonly used mobile banner sizes include 300 x 50 and 320 x 50.

A standard smartphone static banner, rich banner, and an expandable banner is sized 300 x 50 whereas a standard smartphone wide banner, rich wide banner, expandable banner is sized at 320 x 50.

If you design your mobile banner in the rich media format, the same sizes will be used; however, the banner will definitely be more engaging, animated and interesting, of course.

The thing about this standard size though, is that quite a lot of times, the banner does not get noticed and therefore, it generates a very low click-through rate against your advertisement. For this reason, some companies like to design their mobile banner ads sized 300 x 250, which is also known as the rectangle mobile banner ad.



Due to its greater size, there is a better chance for your target audience to notice the banner and those interested in your offer will then click on your banner. The good thing about this is that this size of advertisement remains non-intrusive to users’ experience.


Benefits of Using Mobile Banner Ads

They are a part of digital marketing – the latest and one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience. That is one of the greatest advantages of using mobile banner ads. They can easily reach your customers while they are traveling, having lunch or dinner, at work, at social events, and during vacations too!

Secondly, mobile banner ads aren’t extremely costly to design and execute; they can fit very well into your budget and if done well, they can get you an extremely good return on your investment.

Thirdly, you have multiple options of targeting your reach (since the internet allows it and the platforms which serve as the location for your ads have multiple targeting tools for you to use) and thus, you can minimize wastage since your ad will reach only the relevant audience.





No doubt there are some concerns, as far as mobile banner ads are concerned. First of all, the chance of getting ignored. Second of all, with mobile ads, the ratio of accidental clicks is quite high. Since the mobile ad size is quite small, you get an extremely limited space for your promotional content. But let’s not get the hopes down – the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages or challenges associated with mobile banner advertising and thus, with some tweaks and by staying focused on a few critical points, you can get success from implementing a mobile banner advertising strategy.


Social Media – The Perfect Platform for your Mobile Banner Ads

Why is it one of the smartest ideas to place your mobile banners ads on social media you ask? It is because almost 70 percent of the U.S. adult population is on Facebook; more than 50 percent of Instagrammers visit the platform every day; and guess what, about 80 percent of the time users spend on social media is via mobile! With such mouth-watering statistics, why wouldn’t you place your mobile banner ads on social media then?

The good thing about advertising on social media is that people trust their social circle to give them correct opinions about products and services. So if you place an advertisement for your product or a service let’s say on Facebook, your target audience gets to interact with each other regarding your offer. And if you have satisfied customers, they will vouch for your quality, thus generating a positive word of mouth for your business, and encouraging other users to do business with you.

On the other hand, sharing, liking and commenting is quite easy too. Even you can interact with your potential customers if you place your mobile banner advertisement on a social media platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn. This way, you can create a relationship with your customers, answer their queries and also receive feedback regarding your campaign.



Your Brand Matters

Another thing which contributes greatly towards determining the success of your mobile banner advertising campaign is the reputation of your brand. Users tend to trust and click on mobile banner ads of the brands they feel have a good reputation.

Since internet scamming is something we haven’t totally gotten rid of, getting your potential customer to click on your banner ad, without first having established positive brand repute, might be a long shot. So focus on strengthening your brand, and your mobile ads will certainly get you a better response.


Do Not Miss Out the Call to Action Button

Regardless of how well your mobile banner ads have been designed, if you do not include a call to action button, you will not get conversions. The purpose of your mobile banner ad is to generate sales, and if you do not show your audience how they can do that from your banner advertisement, you may get likes and comments, but that won’t really affect your bottom line.


Be Smart about Design and Execution

The actual content, your offer, and timing; everything needs to be aligned if you want to get maximum results from your mobile banner advertising campaign. Therefore, it is suggested that you hire a professional for designing and executing a highly effective mobile banner advertising campaign for your business, which gets you the best value for the money you spend.

Professionals have an insight into the audience, the latest trends as far as digital advertising is concerned and will also come up with various ads options to test the market, so you can get better leads and hopefully customers that stay and do business with you for a long period.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own set of mobile banner ads designed so you can cash on this amazing digital marketing opportunity for your business!

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