Get to Know More About the Three Most Used Web Banner Sizes

Why is selecting the right size for your banner advertisement important?

Simply because the right sized web banner ads will outperform those that aren’t; and not just because they would be a better fit and be better designed, but they would do a better job of meeting the technical specifications of banner ads, as required by the website you are aiming to place your ad on.

According to an article published in Dec 2016 by Ironpaper, the revenue of the banner advertising segment is expected to grow from $19.5 million to more than $25 million in the year 2017.

Globally, the U.S. is the leading revenue generator in this segment, with China being number two.

Being the second most popular form of digital advertising, this segment experiences quick shifts in consumer behaviors and therefore, advertisers have to respond accordingly.

If you are planning on using web banner ads as part of your advertising campaign, then you need to be well aware of what does and what doesn’t appeal to your target customers as far as web banner ad design is concerned.


Web Banner Size – One of the most Important Design Aspects of an Effective Web Banner Ad



Here’s a fun fact for you from Digiday – did you know that the chances of you surviving a plane crash are more than the chances that you would click a web banner ad? Not impressed? Then how about the fact that as many as half of the ads clicked accounted for mistakenly clicked ads?

So, what brings in results from web banner advertisement then? If you ask Google what its opinion is concerning the factors that account for an effective web banner ad, then, according to the results, the correct web banner size is amongst the top most factors that help in making effective web banner ads.

Generally, web banner ads with a greater width and shorter heights do well; because, well, that’s how you would imagine a banner to be. Amongst the leaders are the Skyscaper, Square and Leaderboard. Since you would definitely want to try out one of the more popular web banner sizes, let us now look a little deeper into each of these leading sizes.


The Grand Skyscraper Ad


Contrary to what was said earlier, that wider ads perform better than the taller ones, the Skyscraper web banner is an exception! It comes in three basic sizes, as shown in the figure to the left, 120 x 600, 160 x 600 and 300 x 600.

As a rule of thumb, the 120 x 600 sized ad is known as the ‘standard Skyscraper ad’ and the 160 x 600 one is known as the wide skyscraper ad. The good thing about the Skyscraper ad size is its grand size. It gives a better display impact, simply due to its largeness.

Since a Skyscraper web banner gets divided into halves by the page’s fold, a good design would incorporate the company’s brand information such as the logo and the call to action button at the top.

Most of the key information is also incorporated in the top half of the ad design.

The images and other supporting information are placed in the bottom half of the skyscraper web banner. The Skyscraper allows better space for displaying relevant and attractive images, however, due to the narrow width, it is best advised to keep headings short and sweet.

This type of ad is mostly found at the right side of the web page and, usually, your target audience would have to scroll down to view the entire ad. Such ads are commonly found at the right side of your Facebook page.


The Perfect Square

There is something quite appealing about the square shape – it’s perfection because all sides are equal. The square banner therefore, makes for a very organized and thus neat and clean sort of a banner ad. The good thing about a banner with square design is that all elements of your advert can be well balanced. See the example below, the uniformity of the advert is what makes it stand out amongst other content:



Even though there isn’t an exact alignment of the different elements used in the ad, due to the difference in text size, images, etc., there is an amazing balance overall, which makes the ad an interesting read.  

The 300 x 250 is amongst the most popular of square banner sizes with 250 x 250 also quite commonly used for a banner square. This type of ad provides a good amount of space for creating bold headlines, clear and apparent call to action buttons as well as good sized images. If placed correctly, all elements get together to create the perfect banner ad for you.


The Leading Web Banner Size – The Leaderboard Ad

The 728 x 90 banner size, known as the Leaderboard web banner, is one of the most popular web banner sizes. The wide Leaderboard size provides the advertiser an appropriate amount of space to properly get their promotional message across to the target audience.

As compared to the Skyscraper, this type of ad can be read by scrolling from left to right, rather than top to bottom, which according to research, readers find easier to do so.

Moreover, the good thing about the Leaderboard web banner is that it is normally placed at the top of the page, between the page heading and the content; therefore, it is considered less intrusive as compared to other forms of banner ads and digital advertising. The ads below are examples of Leaderboard ad:



As you can see from the above examples, the beauty of a Leaderboard ad size is that it can be designed to beautifully fit the top of the page and become one of the first things your target audience notices when they visit the web page. You immediately get to catch your audience’s attention, before they begin browsing the web page content and can get them to click, provided your ad and the offer is attractive enough!

In this way, Leaderboard ads get to enjoy an extremely prominent position on web pages. This is why they are the second most common web banner sizes chosen by advertisers.

This ad type is known to outperform many other banner sizes and therefore, you can get good value for the money you spend on getting the ad designed. It has a great click through rate and impression share. If combined with the square banner, the duo is known to perform quite well. The banner can be placed at the top of the page as well as the bottom, however, it seems to work better when placed at the top.

The Leaderboard is quite commonly found on forum sites, and on web pages that have blogs and articles. It allows for incorporation of both text and images with a clearly visible call to action button, which is one of the most important elements of a web banner ad.


Other Design Considerations

All of the above discussed banner ads can come in the form of being animated or static. It isn’t easy to decide which ad would perform better – because it is highly dependent upon the message you are trying to convey. If you want to send out more than one message, an animated web banner ad would be a better choice but for more direct messages and for a more mature audience, a static ad may be a better choice.

For your right sized web banner to perform well, you must focus on the copy, the images, the colors and other design elements. Finally, you need to make sure that everything comes together in a way that makes sense, looks amazing and appealing and creates an ad that can convince your target audience to click through.


Hire a Professional

Designing a highly effective web banner ad isn’t a piece of cake.

However, professional ad designing companies can help you a great deal. Professional companies have the expertise to bring together the right elements in a way that appears highly appealing to your target audience.

They are also able to design ads which have a high click through rate, are able to stand out on the web pages they are displayed on and convey your promotional message to your customers. This way, you get to ensure that your ad performs accurately and you get a good money’s worth out of it.

In addition to selecting the right banner size, whether you chose to go with a Skyscraper web banner, a square banner or a Leaderboard ad, placing it on the right web page is also highly important. These days, display advertising isn’t just restricted to web pages, but they have taken over the social media. Facebook and LinkedIn display a huge chunk of display ads because that’s where your audience is.


The world of web banner ads has a lot to offer; the question is, are you up for availing the opportunity? If so, get in touch with a professional company today and get your web banner ad designed!



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