Growing Your Business Using Social Media Advertising

Did you know that users on Social Media accounts spend more than 25 percent of their daily time cumulatively? It’s not just popular amongst the teenagers, who by the way, spend on an average, three hours every day on various Social Media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram;

but people from different ages and walks of life simply cannot resist the temptation of checking out their Social Media accounts throughout the day.



Social Media Advertising – A Ripe Industry with Numerous Opportunities for your Business


Between the years 2010 and 2012, the number of Americans following a brand, through Social Media, grew phenomenally and became almost twice, by increasing from 16 percent to 33 percent.


This is an absolutely terrific trend study for all those businesses who wish to begin advertising on Social Media; and what supports the idea of Social Media advertising even more strongly is the fact, that with only about 33 percent users are following a brand using Social Media. Thus, there is still a huge potential for growth in this number.


Another trend that would support one’s choice to go for Social Media advertising is the fact that more than 45 percent users have claimed that Facebook has had a great influence on their purchase decisions. In fact, Facebook still holds the greatest influence on customer’s purchase decisions as compared to other Social Media platforms.


So if you want your promotional message to be heard by your target customers, be present where they are present – that is, on the Social Media.


According to a survey conducted in the beginning of 2016, more than 60 percent of people in the United States had at least one Social Media profile and more than 50 percent were active on two or three Social Media platforms. Therefore, the audience is definitely there; now that matter of how you can grab their attention towards your brand is dependent upon the strength of your Social Media advertising campaign!




How effective is the Strategy of Advertising on Social Media?


Well, the fact of the matter is that people use Social Media to socialize and network with their friends and professional affiliations.


So the questions arise that, are they on the lookout for promotional material?

Would they even pay any attention to your Social Media ads, let alone take any action on them?


The answer is, yes. Social Media is now being used for more than just socializing; users have time and again admitted to their following a brand and being influenced by how popular it is on the Social Media, as far as their buying decisions are concerned. More than 55 percent of customers accept to have formed a positive image of a brand, which is being praised on the Social Media.


This simply means that, by successfully advertising on Social Media, your business can win admirers and followers who can become your next potential customers, if they are not already.


Posting display ads on Social Media is also a highly effective way to generate word of mouth for your brand. Users on Social Media simply love to ‘like’ and ‘share’; spreading engaging and creative material on Social Media. So if your Social Media ads are a hit with your customers, expect them to be shared across the Social Media like a wildfire!


According to a study, in 2016, more than 70 percent of customers promoted and recommended a brand with which they had had a pleasant Social Media experience.


Recognizing the power of Social Media advertising, businesses have upped their advertising strategy. In 2015, more than 35 of the total organizations surveyed, planned to increase the allocation of advertising budget to Social Media, from 13 percent the previous year to 20 percent.


By the time 2016 closed, Social media advertising budgets from around the world had reached a record height, as compared to the previous years. They doubled in 2 years and from 2014 to 2016, they increased from U.S. $16 billion to U.S. $31 billion!


The trend is also forecasted to continue and it is estimated that by the year 2019, this budget will inflate to more than U.S. $17 Billion by the United States alone!


Overall, the strategy to advertise on Social Media platforms have proven itself to be a strategy well worth a business’s money, by providing a good rate of return on the advertising expenditure incurred. This is because, Social Media ads acquire a faster and higher engagement, at a relatively extremely low cost.


When surveyed, more than 40 percent of the businesses said that advertising display ads on Social Media cost far less as compared to other mediums.


Social Media advertising also provides an additional benefit to businesses, of a longer lasting brand recall as compared to other types of online advertising strategies. For example, Instagrammers were reported to have 2.8 times higher brand recall of sponsored posts, when measured on the Nielsen Brand Effect.


Also, e-Marketer has reported that out of the number of people who view Social Media ads, about 25 percent performed the follow-up action of visiting the web-store and out of those 25 percent, about 14 to 17 percent had ultimately made a purchase.



How to Make the Perfect Social Media Ad


According to HubSpot, visual content has a 40 times better chance of getting shared on Social Media as compared to any other type of content. This means that superior designs of display ads are your best choice when it comes to advertising on Social Media.


As far as your display ads are concerned, you can never be too perfect about their designing. Here are a few tips to designing effective Social Media ads:


  • Always come up with a variety of ads for placing on Social Media. Don’t just come up with one design and place all your bets on that design. For every promotional message, try to have 3 or 4 ad design variations, to test on the Social Media.This also helps in keeping your posts on Social Media fresh, because you can use a different copy every time and a different visual to promote the same message, but in a different way. Make sure your ad remains engaging and not boring.


  • Focus on your business’s unique features that are likely to attract your potential customers and highlight them in your Social Media ads. For example, are you promoting a product that can help working mothers? Is your product aimed at a particular profession such as teachers or accountants?Whoever your target audience is and whatever they share in common, turn their characteristics into customer personas and use these personas in your Social Media advertisements. This way, you will create more relatable and memorable ads for the Social Media.


  • Showcase your success with your existing customers. Including lines such as ‘Join Our Community Of 1000+ Members’, shows how successful your brand already is and how many people are already using your products and services.Reading about statistics such as these reconfirms your potential customer’s faith in your business; who then, is likely to approach your brand with more trust and openness.You can also convince your customers by including customer feedback and testimonials in your Ad post. If you can get a celebrity or some other type of social influencer to endorse your brand, then you have already won the heart of masses!


  • As with all other forms of online advertising, your Social Media ad will be incomplete without a proper ‘call to action’ prompt. This prompt should be clearly visible and needs to take your customer to the place where it claims to take them and provide them with sufficient information regarding how they can make a purchase.


  • Since visuals are most popular, you need to include pictures that can create a deeper and meaningful connection with your target customers, their needs or problems, which your business is trying to resolve with your brand image or the image you intend to create.You can make use of filters, transparent overlays and other online tools available for making your display ads interesting and extraordinary. Make sure that the visuals used in the ad are appealing and engaging for the audience, otherwise, your ad will be ignored on the Social Media.


  • Emotions have an important role to play as far as customers making purchase decisions is concerned. So make sure your Social Media ads are emotionally appealing to your customers. Ads that call out to your viewer’s emotions also have a greater chance of getting ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares’ on Social Media.


  • Use colors carefully. Having colorful designs is a good idea but the colors must be used strategically. Bright colors are mostly preferred by youngsters whereas older people using Social Media tend to favor subtle colors such as blues and greens. However, there is not a single hard and fast rule; it is all about making the appropriate choice.


One of the most important things that you need to remember about Social Media advertising is that it can very easily come off as spam. With so much content floating around, standing out amongst the crowd is super important. Therefore, you must create authentic looking Social Media ads that are not just innovative and radical, but fundamentally convincing too.


For this purpose, it is advised that you hire a professional ad designing company. With their original ideas, copy, visuals and creativity, professional ad designers can come up with customized Social Media campaign for your business that can get you the desired results.


So what are you waiting for? Share the story of your brand on Social Media and win customers for your business!

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