How to Use Display Advertising at its Best

Display ads are and should be a core part of your digital strategy. If you are not taking advantage of this, maybe you should ask yourself some questions. Online display advertising is not even optional anymore. Is something you must do if you want to survive in this world!

As we recently discussed in a previous article, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding display advertising. Most of them have to do with the fact that they will be replaced sooner rather than later. Also, people often think that digital advertising has its effects only in the digital world, and that is definitely not true.  

Now let’s talk about why and how display advertising can work to your advantage!

First, before we move on to the how to and why you should use display banner ads, we have to point out that there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it.  During the past few years, the customer behavior has been taking a turn, and the direction it’s headed to is called social media.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about regular online banner ads, AdWords and so on, but keep them there, as a back-up, because not all customers behave the same, while not all customers obey the rules.

A recent Hubspot post, reveals how 53% of customers admitted to being using ads alongside their inbound efforts, and that is huge. Are you skeptical about it?

Rumour has it, people don’t trust online banner ads anymore. That is partially right and partially false. Think about this, you are casually scrolling down one of your favorite blogs and then all of the sudden, a very disturbing ad pops up. You feel irritated. You are already questioning its veracity because of the way it approached you.

Here’s the thing, online banner ads are successful when they accomplish one thing: making you come to them, instead of being the other way around. It’s like trying to seduce a girl. If she’s too available, you might not be that interested. It’s usually the other way around. She’s playing hard to get and that makes you want her even more.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can obtain this, in 3 easy steps.


If you want to give people the impression that they got there on their own, and by their own will, the first thing you have to do is target your specific audience in a very precise way. But how do you do that? The starting point should be trying to understand your customer’s behavior. What they like, what they don’t like, what’s their main occupation, interest and what type of personality do they have.

They say that a product is meant to satisfy someone’s expectations and needs.

So your job would be to try to anticipate a way to present yourself, in order to stand out and not disturb at the same time.

Try to transmit relevant information on relevant sites. If you try to sell shoes on blogs that talk about being eco-friendly you will probably not sell that many. The thing is, the more the merrier does not apply in this case. We definitely don’t recommend to enlarge your vision, but instead, you should narrow it. Focus on quality, not on quantity.


If you are trying to stand out from the crowd, you should watch out to not push it too far! Having a digital display ad disrupt a customer’s experience will make him or she feel disturbed by the experience. This will naturally build into a reticence regarding the advertised product. The essential thing should be blending. Think about it (and girls will back us up here), when doing a makeup look, a makeup artist’s job is to make you stand out.

But let’s take a closer look. A great makeup should complement the clothes, the occasion, the location while at the same time highlight the features of the person’s face.

Don’t we all know that girl who always looks spot on? You can’t really point out the thing that makes her pop from the crowd, you just know there’s something. Well, we can tell you what it is. It’s the whole picture, the entire look, everything going with everything and looking like a unit.  

A complete and outstanding look should be coherent and very well blended.

This rule applies very well in display advertising as well, and you should follow it. A blended in context display ad with relevant information will definitely attract more potential customers that are more likely to be interested in your product.


After you decide what do you want to include in your ad display, where do you want to place it and who are you targeting, the last thing you should work on is the design. It’s like adding the cherry on the top of the cake.

Never underestimate the power of a good design.

Layouts and graphics can have a huge effect. Especially is executed by professionals.

The reason why professional design is so important is because premium designers know how to keep a balance between all the things that we pointed out earlier. Experience has much to do with success, so we suggest you don’t take a change with design, thinking that it is less important than the rest. Again, focus on quality not quantity and you’ll thank us later.

Successful display advertising has much to do with knowing how to balance your efforts between targeting the right audience, being on point and relevant, standing out in a natural way and adopting a clean and simple, yet still professional design. It may sound overwhelming, but it isn’t that hard. Once you get on the right path, the rest will follow.  

Just remember to always focus on quality rather than quantity!


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