HTML5 Banner Ad. Friend or Foe?

When talking about designing banner ads, you should always keep an eye on the new trends. But do the trends necessarily mean evolution? How do you know if you should surf the wave or wait for it to pass because it’s just a fling? Let’s take a closer look at HTML5 and we’ll let you decide for yourself whether HTML5 banner ads are your friends or foes.



Are you a person who’s always up to date with everything that’s new. Gadgets, fashion collections, news or even design revolutions? Then you probably heard about HTML5 banner ads.

Forget about creating a hundred banners in a hundred different sizes and boring banner designs with just an image and text.What if I tell you that in order to create a web banner, you should leave all those in the past?

And because everything that comes new on the market is a better and improved version of something else, HTML5 has its origins in…you guessed, HTML. There are several benefits and features that HTML5 banners come together with, complexity being one of them. Previous to this number 5, the latest version of HyperText Markup Language was released back in 1999.

If you can’t really vision the big changes and updates between these two versions, think about this. A kid, born in 1999. How much did he change until this day? Not only he would be finishing high school by now, but he can almost drink legally in Europe, he can have a driving license in America and I bet his shoe size changed a hundred times already. We’re not even in the same millennium anymore. So why look back? New times call for new approaches.   






Most people don’t like change, especially when this change comes after such a long time. The main reason why humans are reticent to change is because it takes them out of their comfort zone. And we all know how secure we become when having a routine. But when something escalates so quickly, as HTML5 ads did, we need to adapt to trends.

The switch from Flash to HTML5 was very rapid and drastic. That happened due to the fact that Flash is not able to stream on all devices and it also needs a plugin, in order to run. If you create a banner ad, your biggest concern is to be reachable, from as many devices as possible. HTML5’s compatibility is a big advantage when you create banner ads, while Flash is being blocked on most tablets and smartphones, due to iOs restrictions.

HTML5 animation software is code-based. This makes HTML5 layout much more interactive. Captivating the audience attention is a great way to make them engage with your product and relate to it. No matter the device, online banners will look the same. They adapt perfectly whether we’re talking about a big screen or the smallest of all.

Computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones display will not matter anymore when using HTML5 banner ads. When using this type of banners, responsiveness will help you minimize drastically the time of production because you eliminate the multiple sizes needed.   






The latest mobile trends sustain a new theory: lately, when browsing, most internet users tend to turn to mobile devices. Between 2000 and 2012, mobile data traffic has increased 12 times, while 83% of people don’t leave their home without their device, according to a Google study. Do you find that hard to believe? Because we don’t!

What do you think happened in the past 4 years? I bet we’re all thinking the same thing. When was the last time you took a bus, subway or train ride? Think about what most people are doing. Bingo! They are using their phones.

This “cell phenomenon”, like the old people are calling it, started when people began having very easy access to technology. Also, internet speed has increased significantly and not having an internet connection on your phone is now considered outdated.  

So here’s a new window thru which customers can be reached. HTML5 mobile ads don’t need any particular plug-ins. HTML5 designers and specialists are also enabled to introduce fancier forms due to user interface improvement and minimized use of Javascript. Also, these types of ad banners allow a greater customization because of audio and video tags.






They say that true friendship is felt not said. In this case, a HTML5 banner can be considered a great and real friend. Even though creating a HTML5 animation may be a more complex process, to begin with, it will need very low modifications as the time goes by.

When opting for this kind of banner ad, you are in it for the long term. The good thing about this is that the biggest effort occurs right from the start. You invest money, time and knowledge in a complex process, waiting for a big and powerful result.

It’s like planting flowers. At first, it takes time, skills and a little know-how in order to plant them. After that, time will do its job and the only thing that you’ll need to do is water them and cut some bitterweeds here and there. But even if you neglect it for a short period of time, your garden will bloom on its own.

Moreover, HTML5 banner ads are easy, breezy and SEO friendly. Semantic elements assist HTML5 files in order to be better understood by the search engine. These tags can help elements be more effectively defined, describing the intent of the content and layout.

This makes it way easier for engines to understand the true meaning and referral of the text, thus helping your content rank better. That is what I call a good friend! Someone who always has your back, especially when talking about the google HTML5 relationship.






Whenever you make an important decision like this, you should always look ahead. The biggest asset when choosing HTML5 banner ads is the continuous performance and innovation. Being rich in multimedia, HTML5 is captivating people’s attention.

Another sign that HTML5 is actually part of the future, is the fact that technology is revolving around it while at the same time adapting and evolving in order to fit it better. Take a look at the remarkable 8-core processors found in the latest smartphones.

It’s like those jeans that you buy at the mall, which are a size smaller than what you’re actually wearing and they don’t fit you at the moment, but you still purchase them because you plan on losing weight with a magic diet.

As time goes by, consumers expectations are higher and higher, while the pressure to deliver high-quality web material is bigger and bigger. HTML5 banners give companies the power to design better and more sophisticated ads.

At the same time, developers incline the balance towards HTML5 in comparison with other banner ad types because this tool has the power to capture a rich amount of data, that translates across the platform, without relying on anything else.

That being said, HTML5 is the perfect intersection of technical innovation, developer preference, and enterprise need. Moreover, HTML5 banner ads give you the choice of tracking your clicks on more than one type of device, all merged in a single report.

So what are your thoughts? Are HTML5 banner designs your friends or foes? Do you believe that they establish a much-needed turning point in the advertising world? Or do you think that this is just a wave that you don’t really want to surf on because you already see it crashing the shore?


Share your opinion with us and let us know what you think!

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