Internet Advertising for 2017 – The Year to Get it Right

2017 is all about staying current and staying connected even more. Social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat take up most of our waking hours. If we aren’t browsing or specifically socializing on our social media profile, then we at least log in every few minutes just to get updated about our notifications. Google is, hands down, the most popular search engine being used by internet users.


With such extensive use of the internet and social media, it only makes sense for businesses to make internet advertising an integral part of their marketing and promotion strategy. 2017 will be the year of Internet ads, as was 2016. However, it is predicted that 2017 will witness more mature and use of advanced techniques to create unique, dynamic and highly engaging internet ads.


A Whole lot of Stuff that Supports Internet Advertising

So why is it felt that 2017 will be the year when internet advertising will take over the global advertising industry? A study conducted by PWC predicts a continuous growth in internet advertising till the year 2019.

So what supports this growth? Here are a few of the many points in support of this notion:

  • The work advertising has become synonymous with internet advertising because when someone says ‘advertising’, 9 out of 10 times they are referring to advertising on the internet. This is because it has become extremely common for businesses to be placing their adverts online. This shows the popularity digital advertising has gained and is a good predictor of how the future of advertising is going to look like.


  • Remember how the article said in the beginning that Google is the leading search engine? Guess where 95 percent of its revenue gets generated from? If you guessed internet advertising, then you are absolutely correct! Imagine the potential advertising on the internet has when the search engine giant is able to generate almost all of its revenue from this one source!


  • Brands have been able to improve their strength and recognition by more than 30 percent, thanks to a focus on optimizing their internet ads. Yes, getting customers to view internet banner advertisements is a challenge; however, by focusing on the banner ads that get viewed and removing the ones that don’t, brands have been able to improve their reputation and consequently their business.



How Internet Advertising is Simply Better than Offline Advertising

Advertising on the internet has an edge over offline advertising in numerous ways. Here are a few ways in which internet advertising is simply better than traditional advertising methods:

  • There are numerous platforms and formats to choose from. You can choose to create online banner advertisements and place them on websites and/or social media platforms. You can create Internet ads that are either static or animated. You can include images and text as well as videos. You can create landing pages for your products/services/promotions or capture your customers through mobile applications. There is a great deal of variety available to you, as an advertiser and you can get as innovative as your imagination allows you to.


  • Thanks to the numerous measurement tools available, you can get real-time data about the effectiveness of your internet ads. Let’s say you roll about 10 to 15 ads online. Through various internet tools, you can monitor your customers’ response to your ads and make tweaks accordingly. If you see that 5 out of the 15 ads are trending and receiving a better response from the online audience, you can develop these adverts further or more adverts on the same line. You can also roll out your ads on various online platforms and see which platform is generating a good response so you can remove your investment from platforms which are not bringing in results to invest more in platforms which are. You can also test your various landing pages to see which ones are actually generating business for you.


  • Due to real time data available to you, you can perform customer profiling and create more customized advertisements, which will definitely improve your targeting and increase your chances of winning conversions by a great deal. Customer segmenting is also easy because the internet provides you the tools to do so. For example, Facebook provides you data about the users, which helps with highly refined audience segmentation and resultantly, better targeting of your internet ads on Facebook.


  • Through internet advertising, you can actually create a two-way communication channel online, which allows you to interact with your customers, answer their queries in real time and also get on the spot feedback. For example, if you place your ad on a social media platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn, the audience can like, comment and share your ad. By responding to the audience’s comments you can get an insight into their views as well as get their feedback and start creating a relationship with them.



Different Ways to Advertise on the Internet

Now that you have an idea about why your business needs to focus on internet advertising to make 2017 a successful business year, here is a quick insight into the different ways you can advertise online:


  • You can use search engines and pay per click to the search engine for every lead generated through them. For every dollar and a half spent on AdWords, businesses generated three dollars, between the year 2016 and 2017. That isn’t a bad bargain at all. Small businesses have also benefitted from having a smart pay per click strategy in place. A small business in Quench decided to use Google AdWords in 2009 and over a span of three years, they were able to experience a whopping 100 percent increase in revenue! Also, two-thirds of their sales were internet generated!


  • You can create display ads and place them on the internet. This is one of the most widely used forms of internet advertising and one gaining quick popularity. There are various standard sizes available, which can be placed on various internet platforms including websites and social media. The figure below shows the predicted growth in display or banner advertisements:


  • You can advertise on the mobile. Since you know that a majority of your customers are using their smartphones to connect to the internet and social media, you must make mobile friendly internet ads. Mobile commerce has become extremely popular as more and more users use their smartphones for shopping online. In the year 2016, spending on mobile internet advertisements increased to more than 100 billion dollars on a global level. It is predicted to continue growing and reach double the above-stated amount by the year 2019. Clearly, mobile internet advertising is an opportunity your business needs to cash upon!


  • Advertising on social media is definitely a choice you need to make. Your brand can gain attention, reputation, visibility, recognition, recall, and loyalty through internet ads placed on social media platforms. This is because more and more users are relying on social media to make purchase decisions since they can get real-time opinions and feedback from their social groups. Also, something which is popular on social media easily wins the trust of customers. 


  • According to a study by MarketingSherpa, more than 90 percent of young adults, aged between 18 and 34, are highly likely to follow a brand through social media. Once they follow, they become loyal and prefer the brand when they want to make a purchase. And what’s even more amazing for businesses is that if you provide a positive experience to your customer, there is a good chance that as many as 70 percents will send out a positive recommendation on social media, regarding your brand. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are amongst the most popular social media for internet advertising.


  • Creating landing pages is one the latest internet marketing techniques businesses are using increasingly to win conversions. Landing pages basically have one important function – to get visitors to convert and make a purchase of the offer which they followed to reach the landing page. For each internet ad you create, you can create a landing page for the offer. Therefore, whenever a customer will click your ad, they will reach the landing page and be able to purchase your business’s product/service. This technique will raise the effectiveness of your internet ads.



A Concluding Note on Internet Advertising


Just the room for creativity and responsiveness are factors enticing enough to get you highly involved in internet advertising. You can create highly engaging and responsive advertisements, which win conversions and greatly impact your bottom line. If you aren’t sure on how you can get started or if you are already creating internet ads and want better results from them, hiring a professional team is highly recommended.


Professional companies can use their expertise and experience to help create and implement a highly effective and fruitful internet advertising campaign for your business, which can help you get established as a brand of choice for your customers. So what are you waiting for? Let 2017 be the year when your internet advertising campaign rocks!

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