Small Landing Page Design Hacks for Marketers that can Lead to Massive Improvement in Conversions

How can you judge the quality of a landing page design? By its conversion rate of course! More than 50 percent B2B marketers agree that the conversion rate is the most reasonable and popular measure of any landing page’s performance strength and success.

Are you unhappy about the conversion rate associated with your landing pages? Even though you spent a lot of money getting it designed by a professional landing page designer who assured you that they put in a great deal of effort to come up with the design? Even though you feel like you actually do have a great design? Well, you aren’t alone in feeling so. Did you know that only about 22 percent of businesses are happy with the conversion rates generated by their landing pages?

So after having spent a lot, you still aren’t getting the results and you feel like you don’t know what to do. The good thing is that you landed on this article, and the thing is that it doesn’t always take heaps of effort and/or money to create landing page designs that are outright amazing at winning conversions for your business. There are some small and extremely easy to implement design hacks that landing page designers apply to your landing pages, to bring in highly improved results.



What is a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate?

Did you know that you need to match a standard of maintaining a conversion rate of 30 percent on your landing page – that’s the percentage you need to benchmark for your digital marketing campaigns; after all there are companies with pages that have an impressive landing page design, earning them as much as a 45 percent conversion rate!



Why Optimize Landing Pages?

The subject of learning how to optimize landing page conversion rate has become one of the hottest and most searched items on Google. This shows that a lot of businesses are suffering from disappointing conversion rates. According to Adobe, companies that enjoy the leading conversion rates from their landing pages assign at least 5 percent of their budget towards optimization of the page and its design.

In the same study, Adobe also found out that companies who invested in optimization enjoyed seeing their conversion rates double up than those companies that did not optimize their landing pages. This is because customers wish to experience something unique, special and worthwhile on landing pages, to get them to convert. How you do that as a business they don’t care, but their expectations regarding your landing page design are quite high. And if you fall short, then they click the cross button before you can say ‘hello!’

If you feel like you already drained your budget to get your landing pages designed, don’t worry. Read on to learn about some simple design hacks that can shoot up your conversion rates.



Optimize your Landing Page Conversion Rate with These Amazing Hacks

Some simple tips, tricks or hacks can get your hands full with conversions. Some of these landing page design hacks are usually common sense, but not so common when it comes to implementation; while others are more deeply thought of.


  • Focus on the Audience, not your Offer: that may sound rather strange to you – to build a landing page with a greater focus on the audience than your offer. The thing is that when most businesses get their landing pages designed, they focus on the design aspects in isolation; in the light of their product/service/company philosophy. However, when you merge your design considerations with your audience, with factors such as what colors does your audience like, what sort of visual elements do they like, what details do they expect from your landing page, etc., that’s when you win their hearts and get them to convert on your landing page. So give the audience what they want and they will happily convert and give you what you want – increased business.


  • Use the 1:1 Ratio: Each landing page should be designed in such a way that each has only one offer. If you feel it’s smart to kill two birds with one stone, by putting in multiple offers on one landing page, and then you better re-think. This is because people are less likely to convert on a landing page if it has multiple offers on it. You can have multiple landing pages designed around one offer, but not the other way round.


  • Show & Tell: By including a short video which demonstrates your offer, you increase the chances of conversions. Now the video doesn’t have to be very fancy; all you need is a short, simple demonstration of your offer. You can include visuals and audio elements which are appealing to your audience to create an impactful video.


  • Show your Authenticity: One of the greatest reasons why people don’t feel comfortable converting is because of an increased amount of fraud all over the internet. So what can you do to remove this confusion? Show the authenticity of your business by putting in contact information. This way people know where to direct their concerns, in case they have any.


  • Match your Ad: Make sure that the headline on your ad matches with the headline on your landing page. If the two are different, some of your customers might get confused when they land on your page. Due to the different headline, they may feel that your ad has directed them to an incorrect page.


  • Show them What Would Happen if they Convert: By including testimonials of customers who have used your offer, you can show your potential customers what they can get if they convert. If you are offering the membership for a weight loss program, for example, you can include testimonials from customers who have been successful at losing weight by following your program. This is a clever landing page design hack, whereby you don’t speak about the quality of your offer but your customers do that through a good word of mouth.


  • Make the Design Eye-Catching by Mixing Colors: Using one color to give a professional look to your landing page may seem like a good idea. However, a better idea is to include colors that complement each other and those that look good as a contrast. By making sure your important elements on the landing page, such as the CTA has a different color, you can make them stand out and be easier for customers to find.


  • Make it Easier to Focus on the Offer: The excitement of having a visitor land on your page through a display ad is extremely overwhelming. But don’t let the excitement get the best of you by putting in a lot of distractions for your customers, such as links to related offers, etc. Make sure your CTA is the most important thing on your page and everything else on your page leads your customers towards the CTA and nowhere else.


  • Don’t let your Customers Navigate: Your landing page need not have a navigation bar. Once your customer has clicked on your advert they don’t have the patience to navigate your page in order to avail the offer. The CTA should be placed upfront and not require your customers to put in an effort in order to consume the offer.


  • The More the Merrier: Have a couple of landing pages designed for each offer you present to the industry. The greater the number of landing pages, the better the conversion rates. As per a study, companies with a greater number of pages, ranging between 10 to 15, can experience huge improvements in conversion rates.


  • Give Free Stuff: In order to encourage people to visit, give them free stuff for converting. For example, you can offer a free quote so your customer can check and compare prices. Plus it helps them create a budget in advance so they don’t run out of money before converting with you.


  • Simplicity: Keep your landing page design as simple as possible. Just ask the audience stuff you really need to know, on the form. Don’t make the form complicated or lengthy because you will lose customers rapidly due to the extra fields you could be asking them to fill up. So get the essentials filled and you will have sufficient information about the leads.


  • Keep it Realistic: If you chose to place visual elements on your landing page, choosing real life things such as people, food, drinks, etc., is a good idea. All these things require some time though because you need to collect stuff that sounds like the real thing. Images of real people are more effective at getting conversions because they are highly relatable as compared to animations.


Being able to win a high rate of conversions is an element all landing page designers strive for in the landing page design. With these simple hacks, you can increase the chances of your visitors converting into customers. You can let professionals utilize these tools and the many other hacks available to reach and exceed the target conversions!

So what are you waiting for? Turn your landing pages into major conversion drivers by using easy and simple hacks!

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