Lasting Impact with Striking Corporate Logo Design

DID YOU KNOW that starting from last year, that is 2016, brands have been striving to create deeper connections with their customers? This is the age of customers, meaning, customers are one of the top most critical factors who will determine how successful your business performs on the market.

So how do you capture the attention of your customers and create deep, meaningful relationships? You need to do this by engaging them. It is not just about spreading awareness regarding your existence anymore; it is about engaging your customers and keeping them engaged through fresh, innovative and relevant content.

As part of your branding strategy, the corporate brand logo plays a huge part in engaging your customers. Across the globe, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, IBM, Walt Disney, Microsoft, and Nokia are among the companies with leading logo designs. If you see either of these, would you recognize them? And if you are a user, would you feel affiliated to the logo?

This goes to show the importance of a powerful company logo design. It helps establish a long-lasting connection with the audience and customers. Moreover, logo’s should be included in the corporate identity design right from the get go. 


The Significance of a Business Logo

The business logo helps you in creating a business’s identity; it acts as the face of your business. It represents your company, your products and services and your ideology in the market. The business logo is a significant part of your marketing and branding strategy because:

  • It helps in creating a strong brand identity: There will come a time when your logo would become recognizable across the globe and may even be used in place of your brand name. It may become enough to place your logo in advertisements, and your customers would instantly recognize that the advertisement belongs to your company, just by looking at the logo. Whenever your customer sees your logo, their mind would automatically get connected with your business, without you making any extra efforts.
  • It helps in establishing quality against your products/services range: When you have to make a purchase decision, for instance, regarding the purchase of a laptop, people will tell you to buy one from Lenovo, Dell, or HP etc. When they say this, they mean to tell you that if you buy a Lenovo or any other brand’s laptop, quality is guaranteed. Therefore, the next time you see Lenovo’s logo on any other product, such as a monitor let’s say, you would automatically assume that the other product must also be of a good quality too.
  • It helps in demanding attention: When your customers develop an affiliation with your brand’s logo, they would feel an immediate attraction to it, whenever and wherever they see it displayed. For example, if you are browsing your social media profile, let’s say Facebook, and you come across a post with the logo of your favorite brand, you will definitely stop and see the content published.
  • It helps in creating a bond: Loyal customers get highly emotionally attached to the brand they are loyal too; to an extent that whenever they come across the logo of their favorite brand, they get overwhelmed by a feeling of warmth. And when they come across your logo and begin to discuss with their friends, family, and colleagues, they would be the first ones to defend and/or promote your company.


Importance of the Corporate Logo Design

Since now you understand the significance the corporate logo has for your business, you must understand that the design of it matters extensively. Poorly designed logos aren’t effective; and if not effective, they won’t bring in the desired results for your business.

Here are a few reasons why the quality of your corporate logo design matters.

  • It is a visual representation of your brand and company: Your corporate logo design matters because it visually represents your company and your brand in advertising and marketing campaigns, on product packaging, on your corporate stationery and everywhere else. Therefore, if you know that your logo is appearing repeatedly, across various platforms, you must focus on its design quality.
  • Quality creates engagement: The quality of your logo design is a direct contributor towards creating an engagement with your brand and your company. A poor or unsightly logo design would not be seen or received as a pleasantry by your customers; whereas a quality logo design would help engage the audience and convert them into customers for your products/services.
  • Design quality speaks about how much you value quality: If a company focuses and invests on getting a quality corporate logo designed, by hiring a professional, it communicates to the customers that the company values quality and is unwilling to compromise on it. This feeling of trust and appreciation by customers is extended to the products and services offered by the company. Customers feel that since the company has invested in creating a well-designed face, they would certainly be focusing on maintaining the quality of their products and services.


Points to Consider for Creating a Compelling Business Logo Design

So what aspects should you keep in mind while getting your corporate logo designed? Here are a few quick pointers.

  • Your logo design should be innovative: A boring logo design just won’t cut it or stand out among other highly innovative and creative logo designs. And if it fails to grab attention, it will fail to bring in results. So make sure you think out of the box and get an innovative logo design, because it will help increase brand recall and recognition.

  • Your logo design should be unique & different: Although some new brands try to create matching logos with other leading brands, in the hope that customers would develop the same sort of affiliation that they have with the established brand, it is a highly risky move and can result in customers thinking of the new brand as a cheap copy. What you need to do is make sure your logo does not look anything similar to any other existing logos; yours should be bold and unique so customers can develop a clear affiliation of your logo with your company and nobody else’s.

  • Your logo design should be professional: Your logo needs to be professionally designed; otherwise, your customers would begin questioning your quality. This does not mean that the logo cannot be colorful or vibrant; it just needs to be designed correctly, by professionals. The design needs to be sized properly, should have proper measurements and should give a corporate look.

  • Your logo design should be relevant: Your logo design should be a true representative of your values and principles. They should match with your company and the products or services you provide to your customers. Let’s say you are offering children’s products, including toys, clothes and other accessories. Your logo should represent your target market.

  • Your logo should be applicable across the board: Your logo design should be such that it can be adjusted in display adverts, on hoardings, on product packaging, on banners, in electronic media, on visiting cards and letterheads, etc. The best example, in this case, would be Disney and Disneyland. They logo is in every little store product. From shirts to headbands, pens or Mickey ears, everything is branded and it looks great. 

  • Your logo design should be appropriately colored: Pick up any marketing book and you will see that it says that different colors generate different types of emotions amongst the audience. Therefore, your logo should incorporate the colors that help generate feelings and emotions that you want your customers to feel when they see your logo. Do you want them to feel energized, at peace, invigorated, happy or empathetic?  Whatever you want, your logo colors should help generate that emotion.


Hire a Professional

If you want to get an accurate and effective corporate logo designed for your business, make sure you hire a professional like Smarketer to do so. This is because professionals are able to come up with a highly engaging business logo design for your company, which can help you get the desired results and an appropriate return on investment.

They provide personalized services, to come up with a range of custom designs for you to select from. They can help, not just with the design, but with carrying out an analysis as well. They can do this by helping you test market a variety of designs so you can select and move forward with the one which receives the best results for your business.

You can engage the professionals you hire by sharing your business values with them and by giving them an idea of what you want from your logo and how you imagine it to be.

The company will work with the details you provide and come up with a company logo design that best matches your requirements.

Whether you own a small business or are operating a large scale business, branding is highly important for you; and within the domain of branding, your corporate logo design carries high importance.

So, don’t wait anymore; if you don’t have one for your business till now or you want to revamp your logo and get a better one for your business, contact a professional and get a striking corporate logo designed to help boost your business!


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