Let your Display Campaign Speak on Behalf of your Brand

The brand of a product or service is equivalent to what personality is for human beings; to state it simply, the brand of a product or service is its personality. Long before a product or service is launched in the market, businesses are concerned about building its brand image. This is because; the chances of a branded product or service being successful after being launched are much higher than that of an unknown brand.

The Importance of Branding and Brand Awareness


Dana DiTomaso, President and Partner at Kick Point, Digital Marketing Agency says that

The brand of a product or service is its promise to customers, regarding the quality it is going to deliver and how well it will satisfy their need.

Therefore, when you purchase a Nike running shoe, you know that it will provide you with an enhanced running experience as compared to a non-branded shoe. Consistently fulfilling this promise helps create brand loyalty.

For every product and service, there are numerous providers – so how would you convince your target market to buy your offering as compared to your competitors’? The answer lies in branding. But the story doesn’t end with creating a brand or a brand image; this is just the beginning. After creation of a brand, you won’t be able to gain much out of it unless you spread the word about your brand. Spreading the word about your brand is what brand awareness is all about.

Brand awareness is what helps customers to recognize your brand and be aware of its presence in the market. It is the tool which pushes your customer to select your brand while making their purchase decision. Brand awareness is the element which helps in promoting your product or service and what ultimately results in purchases being made. It is what makes you say “I would like to have a Coke please” than just ask for a Cola while grabbing a quick sandwich during your lunch break.

Creating Brand Awareness – Why is it Difficult?


DID YOU KNOW that more than 50 percent of people claim that they don’t trust brands? This goes against everything we have heard or visualized about branding! We expect the opposite; we expect that people must trust brands, whereas more than 50% don’t.

This is because brands need a lot of thrust from the back-end. It isn’t just enough to create a brand image; a lot of hard work goes into maintaining that image and consistently delivering to customers, what the brand promises. This means that the actual quality of the product or service, the customer service and feedback, after sales services, etc., all play a major role in upholding the brand image and bringing in repeated business. This point is supported by a study which found out that brands in the U.S. are losing more than $40 billion each year owing to poor customer service.

Factors such as these and more make the process of brand awareness even more difficult. In-fact, as soon as a brand fails to deliver, the negative word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire across the social media and where brand awareness was working towards spreading the association of positive attributes with a brand, all the effort goes down the drain. Did you know that there are more than 2 million messages shared on social media that bad mouth brands? And this is not in a month or week; this is just in a single day!

The Role of a Display Campaign in Increasing and Strengthening Brand Awareness


Display advertising is one of the main tools which helps create and spread brand awareness because it does exactly that – let customers know about your brand, about its existence and about any other promotional message that your business wants to send out. Brand awareness increases with visibility. Display ads make your brand visible, allowing your brand to say loud and clear that it is there whenever needed by your customer; the greater the visibility, the greater the recall and the greater the awareness about your brand.

In an era of brand overload and a world where customers do not trust brands, a display campaign works in the favor of your business and your brand, by continuously serving as a reminder to customers, by making promises of quality delivery on your behalf and by letting them know exactly what your brand offers and how your customers can avail or utilize that offer by clicking on the call to action button.

It simply says this is what we can do and if you click here we can prove that we are honest and show you that we can deliver exactly what we have promised in our display ad. It helps customers see what your business can do, then and there; the moment of truth is within the reach of your customers.

The display campaign helps in allowing your customers to experience what your brand is all about and if you successfully deliver, boom! Not only have you been able to create and enhance your brand’s awareness and its image, chances are that the customer who goes through a positive experience with your brand will not only become loyal to your brand, but they will also spread a positive word of mouth regarding your brand, across the social media. This will help generate increased brand awareness for your brand and your business!

Quality over Quantity


Now all of this sounds simple and easy and amazing on paper, but the design and execution of your display campaign will decide where it will help increase brand awareness for your business or not. A poorly designed and executed display campaign will not help bring in the desired results; in-fact it may bring in undesired results.

This is the reason why it is advised that you give the job of designing and execution of your display campaign to a professional and an expert, just like Smarketer. Professional experts know just how to tweak the display campaign so that it results in increased brand awareness for you.

For example, it is helpful to know that as many as 80 percent of customers agree that authenticity of content is the major factor which pushes them to follow a particular brand whereas the same percentage of customers admit that color plays a huge role in enhancing brand awareness and its recall. Display advertising companies who are aware of these statistics, will ensure to incorporate these important factors while designing and executing a display campaign for your brand.

Furthermore, the emotional appeal to a customer’s value seems to be the main reason why a customer would choose to interact with any particular brand; it is so with more than 60 percent of people who were asked about what factors help them decide whether they want to associate with a particular brand or not. If the display advert can create this connection, it is sure to generate a positive response and help the customer recognize, trust and recall the brand whenever they are looking to make a purchase in that category.

Display ads allow your business to support your promotional message with attractive visuals and captivating words. They can help your customers visualize what your brand is about. You can get an animated display ad designed which will help grab the attention of your customer, as they scroll through their social media profile. A lively image, mesmerizing videos and the option of using rich media elements, incorporating these elements is possible in a display advertising campaign.

Once you have gotten an engaging display ad campaign designed, the execution plays an important role too, in determining the clicks on the advert and on conversion into sales. Creativity and innovation is key, in allowing the display ad to stand out among the rest, but proper execution is extremely important too.

Proper targeting and placement on the correct platforms, such as Google AdWords and Facebook will help boost results from the display campaign, bring in increased brand awareness as well as allow your business to get the best value for the money you spend on advertising. It will also help target the audience which is most relevant for your product or service, thus generating a greater number of clicks and conversions.

So, if you want to increase your brand’s awareness, a top-quality display campaign has much to contribute. It can help create a ripple effect for your brand, which you can enjoy for a long time. So, what are you waiting for? Get to work to get known – get an amazing display campaign designed and executed for increasing the brand awareness of your products and services!


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