Size, Style & Design – A Snapshot of Web Banner Advertisement

Have you come across an amazing web banner advertisement and thought why you didn’t think of the same for your company? Did you see a slick web banner design and promised yourself that you would get a better one designed for your company?


Banner advertisements are online advertisements that you see on websites, of course in one of the many banner shaped designs. You would find that these advertisements come in different web banner sizes. You will also come across a static web banner ad and an animated web banner ad.


This article will talk comprehensively about the different styles, sizes, and designs that companies are using for sending out their promotional content across the web.


Web Banner Sizes – Because Size Does Matter!


The below figure, shared by Stefan Maescher on his website shows exactly why the selection of web banner sizes is extremely critical for your business:

Web banner

The above figure shows that a banner of size 300 x 250 has the highest impression share, whereas, the one sized 320 x 50 is amongst the lowest ranked. Furthermore, the understanding of standard web banner sizes is important because websites have their own standards and display only specific sizes of banner ads.


For example, on Google AdWords, the top three banner sizes that bring in the greatest impression share include the wide skyscraper web banner, Leaderboard, and the medium rectangle. The wide skyscraper enjoys 13 percent impression share, the Leaderboard 32 percent and the medium rectangle enjoys a 33 percent impression share.


Standard Web Banner Sizes – Know them on your Fingertip


web banner sizes


Even though you can probably get your own custom sized web banner designed, it is best to follow one of the standard sizes, because websites like to look organized and uniform with what’s trending online. And so, to meet the requirements of the website you are about to display your ad on, it is best to understand standard sizes. Here is a brief description about the top ten most popular standard web banner sizes:


  • Leaderboard Web Banner: Sized 728 x 90, used when you want to communicate your message loud and clear to your audience. This type of banner ad appears towards the top of the web page, usually after the main heading but before the beginning of the main content on the page. Therefore, it occupies a visible position without harming the users’ experience, by getting in the way of the content.


  • Skyscraper Web Banner: The skyscraper, sized at 120 x 600 is a tall order of a banner ad. This vertical banner ad is usually displayed on the right side of the webpage and since its size has become standardized, it has become more popular. Just like the Leaderboard, this form of a banner is also minimally intrusive to users’ experience but is big enough to get noticed.


  • The Wide Skyscraper Web Banner: The wide skyscraper is the same as the skyscraper, but wider. This means you get more space for advertisement. This banner is sized
    160 x 600 and being amongst the top ranked banner ad sizes, the wide skyscraper enjoys a good ad inventory and impression share, thus having the ability to bring in impressive results for your business’s advertising campaign. This type of banner is usually placed alongside the side scroll bar on web pages.


  • The Half Page Web Banner: Sized at 300 x 600, this standard banner size provides a good amount of space for advertisement. This type of banner ad is usually used by companies who want to make a huge impact with an important announcement, such as the introduction of a new product or an upcoming sale. Due to its size, this banner ad has a good visual impact on the audience and is good for a brand establishment.


  • The Medium Rectangle Web Banner: This banner ad is sized 300 x 250 and is probably amongst the leaders, rank wise, in terms of frequency of usage as well as impression share. This type of ad is mostly embedded within the text on a web page or is found at the end of the web page content. It is easily viewable on mobile phones as well, due to its compact, yet an impactful size.


  • The Large Rectangle Web Banner: Sized at 336 x 280, this size provides a little bit more space as compared to the medium rectangle banner. This type of banner has a good versatility of usage; it can be placed within the content or alongside the sidebar on a web page. It also enjoys a good inventory and therefore, is amongst the popular standard sized banner ads.


  • The Micro Bar Web Banner: Ever heard the saying that all good things come in small packages? With its small size, you must be wondering whether this standard banner size is any good or not. The thing is, selection of banner size depends upon the message you want to send to your audience. This small sized banner of 88 x 31 may not offer much space but is the best option when you want to make a point or you want to generate enough curiosity to get your target audience to click on the ad. This type is mostly used to advertise financial products/services.


  • The Square Web Banner: Neat and organized, this 250 x 250 sized banner ad is perfect when you want to create an advert that looks uniform and standard. It provides a good space for advertisement and performs best when designed using text and images both.


  • The Simple Banner Web Banner: When you cannot get a web page to place a Leaderboard banner for you, this banner sized at 468 x 60 is the best substitute. It is amongst the popular sizes of banner ads and is usually placed at the top of a web page.


  • The Mobile Leaderboard Web Banner: One of the fastest growing in popularity and usage, this banner is sized at 320 x 50 and as the name suggests, is used in mobile advertising. Considering that your audience is mostly found using their smartphones and tablets, this may be just the solution you need to reach them effectively.



The Two Basic Web Banner Types – Static and Animated




Broadly, a banner advertisement can use two types of banners – the static web banner and the animated web banner. Just like their name makes it obvious, the static web banner includes text/images that do not move, whereas the animated web banner contains elements that are – well – animated! The text and images in this type of ad do not stand still, they have animated effects incorporated, which helps in making the advert more exciting and possibly engaging.


There is, however, no hard and fast rule as to which type of advertisement is better, as compared to the other. Both types do well, depending on the circumstances, the target audience and the message a company is trying to send out. For example, the elderly population and business class may prefer static ads whereas the younger lot would favor an animated ad.


The idea of getting animated ads designed seems like a good one. However, as your audience scrolls through important content, flashing ads may not be very appealing to them. So, making the choice between the two options isn’t absolutely straightforward.


If you have a simple message to convey, it is better to use the static banner ad because it does the job well using engaging images and a catchy copy. However, for more complicated messages or when you want to send out multiple messages through one advert, it is better to choose an animated banner ad.


According to a study, animated adverts perform two to four times better than static adverts. This is because, if designed correctly, animated ads are highly engaging and eye-catching, therefore, being highly persuasive in making the target audience to click on the ad.


Web Banner Design Tips


web banner


The success of a banner ad depends highly on the effectiveness of its design. Here are a few quick tips concerning web banner design:


  • It is always better to choose from one of the commonly used standard banner sizes. This is because the standard ad sizes have a good ad inventory as well as impression share.


  • Always include the three most important elements, regardless of what kind of banner you are getting designed. These three elements are your company’s logo, the main message and the call to action button.


  • The call to action button should be placed strategically, in a highly visible location on the ad, so that maximum number of clicks can be generated by your ad.


  • Frame it properly; a banner ad which has a clearly defined frame appears to be organized and therefore, catches the eye because it doesn’t appear to be messy.


  • Make sure the ad designs are consistent with your brand and its image so that your target customers can create a correlation. It would also help in strengthening your brand’s image and recall.


  • By adding a deadline on the call to action, you get to create a sense of urgency and generate the quick response from your audience.


Hire a Web Designing Company to Design a High Performing Banner Ad for you


Getting a web designing company like Smartketer to design a banner ad for you would be the right choice to make. Being experts in the field, professional designers can help select the right size and type of banner ad for your company and get you the best value and return for your expenditure. 

So what are you waiting for? Use your knowledge of web banner advertisement and connect with your customers!


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