The 3W of a Good Lead Generation Landing Page

It’s 1 PM! You are as lazy as can be, enjoying your favorite TV series on the couch. You are still in your pajamas, eating pancakes, drinking a mimosa. It’s your day off. You waited for this day for the past month. Then, all of the sudden your phone starts ringing.

Ugh, you got to get off the couch!

You are already pissed at whoever is ruining your “I’m gonna do nothing all day” day. You pick up the phone and at the other end of the line there’s somebody asking you about a product you tried a while ago (that you probably barely remember) and they want your feedback. Maybe they even try to convince you to buy it again.

If you are on this side of the story, you may be annoyed that somebody interrupted your day. If you are on the other side of the story, that is exactly where you want to be. Having such important personal information about somebody who had contact with your product is a really big deal. A potential client, maybe even a future purchase.


They say good things come for those who wait. In this case, I would say good things come for those who ask for them.


On a first search on the internet, I bet you’ll find plenty of information about what does lead generation mean or even how to make a good lead generation landing page. But as Pablo Picasso once said: “Good artists copy; great artists steal.”, so don’t try to copy anybody, but rather learn from them and their mistakes.





Lead generation landing pages refer directly to landing pages that are designed to take from the customer (or potential customer) the greatest amount of personal data possible, such as phone number, full name, email address and so on, in order to help the seller make contact with them in the future.

The term lead refers to the situation in which a person or an animal is being held by hand and conducted to a certain place. In our particular case, lead means not letting go of a potential customer and keeping them as much as possible in contact with you.

Without leads, generating new customers is pretty hard. We all know that customers are in direct relationship with profit and therefore, the survival of the company. 




Of course, you can’t just start your business or launch your product and already chase people on the street to give you their data (although that might be fun to watch), because you’re just going to scare them away.


All you need is love…or a good promotion process.


Start with a convincing online banner and a good banner-landing page relationship. This would and should be the natural course. Attract your audience and try converting them into potential sales. If that’s not possible, at least get something from them…Bingo, their info. This is the way lead goes.  






The answer to how to make a good lead generation landing page is a vast one. We could talk about it all day and we still wouldn’t have covered it all. First of all, you have to keep in mind that internet users distribute their attention differently and most importantly, there’s not much time for you to impress them.

By taking a quick view in this study, you can see that the reader’s attention has decreased dramatically in comparison with early 2000. The average number of seconds regarding humans attention is around 8 seconds.

Now, that’s how much time you have to win them. 8 precious seconds. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. That’s it!

It may seem a little, but with the right hooks, it should be more that enough. Act fast…and furious!  


Keep in mind different aspects


When designing a landing page, that will hopefully turn into a great lead generation process, you have to keep in mind a few things. As I mentioned earlier in one of our previous posts, landing pages act like a letter of intent, through which you actually tell people what is your intention. Is it a contest, a survey, a promotion or just the launch of a new feature? Moreover, things like bounce rate and quality score will also affect the effectiveness of your landing page.

Besides all this, coherence, colors, white space, social proof and using directional cues are a huge factor in this equation. If you want to find more about all these, check our previous article for more details.


Also, before putting all your bets on a certain banner-landing page, you should test, test, test! Trying out new concepts or ideas may harm you rather than help you, if not A/B tested previously.


How much is enough?


Depending on what kind of business you own or work for, the amount of information that you need may differ. That is up to you to decide. Think about somebody who’s filling an application form in order to apply for a job interview.

Generally speaking, people are willing to share a huge amount of information when it comes to purposes like this. Because it involves their future, and they are actually willing to share as much as possible in the hopes that they will be the chosen ones.

On the other hand, we have the example of a contest. Where you are asking people to give you information in order to win a certain prize. Now here comes the tricky part. If you are actually giving people a stimulating prize, they might actually be very interested in giving you the right and proper information.

In between these 2 extremes, there are other types of lead generation techniques like coupons, surveys and so on. The amount of shared information is established entirely by you, depending on your need and type of business.


Having said all this, you might be tempted to abandon this whole process and choose the easy way out, buy leads.


Because money solves everything, right? You couldn’t be more wrong.


We all know that money makes the world go round, that meaning you could have a huge list of potential buyers information in an instant, but our advice to you is to not go that way. And here’s why.

Did you ever wonder how did the ones you were talking on the phone with got your phone number from. Sometimes you recall having contact with whatever they are talking about, sometimes you don’t. But if you don’t, where did they get your phone number from?

Or did you ever think how did your email address end up being bombarded with content you never asked for?




These are data held by companies you already interacted with, that are now selling information to others. But you never interacted with “the others”, so technically, they can be qualified as redundant.

Once these messages end up in somebody’s inbox (if you are lucky enough), they will most probably be flagged as spam. And this is how your reputation will decrease click by click, email by email. You can wave these customers goodbye because you just put yourself in a really vulnerable position.

Remember to always make customers feel like you are reaching out to them because they asked for it and because they are interested in you and not the other way around. Now we’re talking about a good online lead generation.






Most teenagers tend to spend the majority of their time on their phone. And while on their phone, they surf quite a lot on social media. You should use that to your advantage. Social media can be a great tool for lead gen, especially when they are paired with an engaging landing page.

Quick tip: post regularly and religiously on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other channel you find proper for you need, and send your audience directly to your landing page. PS: just make sure they know where they’re going to land. Whether it’s a great offer or coupon, event or product launch, you don’t want to mislead them.

Generating leads is a topic you will probably hear about more and could be discussed on and on, depending on your type of business. However, these are the 3W’s of What, Why and hoW of how does a good lead gen landing page work. Did you find them useful? Let us know!


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