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Having a hard time finding a good landing page – banner connection? We get it and we’re here to help you out! Here are the most important things you don’t want to miss while creating your landing page design.




Before we start talking business, I think it’s important to clarify what the answer to “what is a landing page” could be. So, first things first, let’s give a brief, yet precise statement of meaning. A quick search on Google will give you a first idea of what a landing page definition sounds like. A web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.


Another term you might bump into is the landing page optimization. The main purpose of the optimization is to boost the percentage of visitors on the website in order for the sales to rise. Landing page optimization is also known as conversion rate optimization or CRO. Ok, now that you know the alphabet, we can start learning to write words and after that, even phrases.




Before you even start to create your landing page design or even your banner design, the best thing to do would be to make a game plan. After all, you can’t win this battle for customers without having a good strategy as your starting point.


The landing page banner relationship can be difficult at times, as all relationships are, right? That’s why it is very important to establish from the beginning who’s “the boss”.


There can’t be two at the same time. It’s either one or the other. Usually, the landing page is the main character of the story and it’s being introduced by the online banner. The thing is, you should always keep your customer engaged in the same story. Give him the feeling that both the landing page and the banner are playing a role in the same narrative.  


Also, the best landing pages should act like bodyguards. They should be there for you and have your back 24 hours a day, every day.


It’s like raising a child. You give birth to them and at the beginning, they totally depend on you, but as they grow older, they become wiser, smarter and stronger. They develop their own personality and at some point, the roles will reverse. They will take care of you. It’s how nature works, and it’s the same with custom banners and landing pages. You put your whole trust in them, with the hopes that one day, they will succeed in life and watch over you.  




It’s your dream job, everything that you ever wanted and you finally get the chance to apply for it. But you are staring at a blank page, not knowing what to write in your letter of intent. It’s ok! We’ve all been there.


I am not necessarily a letter of intent fan myself because it can go two ways. It can either be a very well written and convincing piece or is can be a total disaster.  There is nowhere in between. The thing is, writing a good one takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Landing page designs are the same. They transmit a certain message and here comes the tricky part. The message should be very clear.


The purpose of the landing page, often miswritten as landingpage, is to make it clear of why did the customer actually “land” on it. Is it a free gift, is it a promotion, a new feature or a new product line. Whatever it is, make it clear and coherent. The information found on the best landing pages is usually an extended version of the banner ad, yet still like a resume for what the main website is transmitting.




When looking for landing page inspiration it may seem very easy to create and implement one from scratch. I think most of us look at landing page examples and either like them or not. You can’t point at the reasons why, but you can sense that it’s good or bad. It’s like falling in love. You can’t decide who you’re falling for, or why. You just feel the butterflies in your stomach. So let’s take a look at what defines a successful landing page.


There are 3 basic things you should keep in mind while talking about how to create a landing page and what makes it top notch. It’s not even about how to create a landing page, but how to see if yours is performing the way it should be. The bounce rate, the quality score, and the conversion rate are the main factors that will establish if your landing page is doing its job.


The bounce rate should be as low as possible, that meaning that when the customer gets sent from the banner ad to the landing page, he finds exactly what he’s looking for. If your bounce rate is low, that also means that your message is very clear. Misleading content is the number one reason that causes a high bounce rate.


The quality score is a little more complicated because we’re talking about a metric and complex system, implemented by Google. Long story short, it is a combination of keywords, landing pages and ads, all in relevance with what you are promoting and selling. If your quality score is running low, that means that your overall promotion process is not relevant. Losing focus on this aspect will turn into losing customers, and I bet you don’t want that.


Last but not least, a good banner ad – landing page relationship will grow one conversion at a time. The pattern starts with a click on your online banner ad, which promises something that the customer is missing or needing. Then, they land on your (you guessed) landing page, because they are looking for more. The final step would be the purchase, or whatever your action is. The thing is that the landing page is extremely important in the process of converting your customer.  


Did you see the movie, Sully? I bet you did! Or if you didn’t, you must know the story of how Captain Sullenberger saved the lives of 155 passengers by landing on the Hudson river. Kudos to him, but I don’t suggest you apply the force landing technique on your customers, but instead, adopt a more safe landing procedure.




You know how some people are affected by the full moon or by the retrograde of Mars? Well, landing pages are in the same category, except they are not affected by the full moon, nor by Mars. Instead, they rely on color & contrast, white space, directional cues, encapsulation, creativity and social proof.

Boy, this seems complicated, and I’m not gonna lie, it is. But once you’ll get the idea of how all of these elements should work together, it will all make sense. If you are opting for a landing page template you might have observed that these things are usually checked, but don’t take them for granted. You should not pick a landing page because you don’t want to bother thinking about all these.




Having said all these, I know there are a lot of things you have to remember, so let’s go through everything one more time and sum them up. The most important thing you should keep in mind while creating your banner ads and landing pages is to be coherent. The main idea should be repeated both on the landing page and in your banner ad. Also, the colors used and graphics should be the same, when talking about design.


Furthermore, keep in mind that your ad needs to be very well differentiated on the website it appears on. It should pop in the eye while still not irritate the eye of the customer. Moreover, white space helps the important part of your ad stand out and gives the mind time to process the information. If you want to emphasize certain things, you can use directional cues, like arrows or numbers to lead your customer through the information.


Social proof can also be really important, especially if your product relates to people on a personal level. Having other humans or communities talk about their experience with the product can be a great hook.


Did you ever take a look at our galaxy? On a wider sight, it looks like a swirly Milky Way, (duh!), but if you zoom in, you see that there are around 400 billion stars and every one of them is important. It’s like a huge puzzle and each piece contributes to complete it. In our case, elements like style, message, graphics, and precision are the things that define best a banner ad and a landing page, while coherence is the bridge that connects them.


What do you think is the key that makes an online banner ad – landing page relationship work?


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