What are the Best Product Landing Pages Made of?

Did you know that the highest ranking 10 percent of the landing pages attract about 80 percent of the traffic?

Do you have any prior experience with using a product landing page for your business? If yes, then you must know that something which wasn’t being used a couple of years ago, now has gained a lot of popularity, as far as effective tools for conversions of traffic are concerned.

Simply put, a landing page is a webpage where visitors land on; therefore a landing page for the product is a web page dedicated to a product; when you want visitors to land on that page with an interest to learn more and hopefully purchase the product landing page is made for.

Great product landing pages are able to not only increase traffic to the website but also significantly increase conversion rates and thus, business profits.

The distinguishing feature of a landing page, as compared to other web pages is the purpose behind the creation of the landing page, which is, as mentioned before, conversion.

Therefore, landing pages are different from other pages because their sole purpose is to get visits to convert into transactions, which means that it is essential for a landing page to have a ‘call to action’ medium. This can be a one button element on the page or an entire order form.

One of the best product landing page examples is the Amazon website. Amazon has thousands of single product landing pages, each having a call to action element, the ‘Add to Cart’ button.


Reasons why Landing Pages Need to be an Essential Component of your Marketing Strategy

Your internet marketing strategy is incomplete if you don’t have a product landing page. Till recent years, the focus of all internet marketing efforts was directed towards getting traffic to the website, with little focus on providing a clear call to action to convert mere visits into business transactions.

According to a blog published by Pamela Vaughan in 2012, 44% of B2B companies’ online marketing takes visitors to their homepage and not a special landing page. But today, companies are realizing that all the effort that is put into internet marketing goes to waste if traffic does not convert.

Gone are the times when it was enough to bring the audience to the Homepage.

Today, with the amount of content available online and how quickly people switch, you have about only 8 seconds to grab an online user’s attention with your headline. Thus, it has become extremely important to provide a clear call to action button to visitors so they can easily convert their interest into a purchase.

This is why landing pages have now become an indispensable part of every business online marketing strategy.

Good websites focus on getting one product landing pages designed so that each landing page effectively leads and encourages customers to take action on their desire to purchase a product; the landing page provides the perfect opportunity to businesses to increase sales of their product.


Characteristics of Great Product Landing Pages

Here are some elements that come together and result in the creation of the best product landing pages in the online world:

  • Incorporation of Local Content: Since people prefer consuming products that are close to their vicinity and like to consume stuff they are familiar with, it is a good idea to include localized content. For example, if someone feels like having a burger, they will use a mobile app to search for burger joints in their neighborhood. Therefore, having localized content on your landing page will help in getting a customer to order from you.
  • Including Social Connections: According to a survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, about 45 percent of online buyers admitted to basing their purchase decisions on comments and feedback on social media. Since the trend of making product choices based on social media content is now becoming widely popular, good landing pages, create a connection with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to direct users of social media to their landing page.
  • Focused Content: It is best to create a single product landing page because that raises the level of specificity of the page and brings a highly targeted audience to the page. Since the relevant audience is there, the chances of them converting are much higher. This raises the effectiveness of the landing page.
  • Offer Oriented: The best product landing pages talk about the product offer and not about the company. The purpose of your landing page is to get people to buy the product, not learn more about your company; nor is the purpose brand awareness or increasing brand recall. Therefore, an effective landing page talks about what the customers are going to get from the product and then shows them how they can get it.
  • Less Fluff – More Relevance: Landing pages are supposed to have lesser number of distractions so people can get straight away to business. This, however, does not mean that you do not include creative content on it, including attractive pictures and videos. According to an article, landing pages with videos enjoy a conversion rate of more than 80 percent! Therefore, including videos and other similar creative and engaging content on landing pages help in raising the conversion rates.
  • Keep it Short: When first landing pages came into use, long landing pages were a hit, because they provided greater space for persuading the audience to convert, through the inclusion of several calls to action buttons on one page. However, today your audience does not have much time to go through lengthy content and they seek to the point conversations, place an order and be done with the task with minimum delay.
  • Create a Connection: Good landing pages help collect relevant data about the audience, such as their contact number or email ID. The idea is to get information that can help create a relationship with the customers. This way, if their visit does not generate a conversion the first time, the company can send emails in the future, regarding related offers, etc. with an aim to generate a conversion in the future.
  • Be Courteous: Always thank your customers on your landing pages, especially when they convert, and even if they don’t. A follow-up thank you acknowledges your customers as well as giving them the assurance that they have successfully been able to do business through your landing page.


Product Landing Page Design Inspiration for your Business

Just like everything else evolves, so has the product landing page design changed from how it used to be a couple of years ago. Here are some good product landing page examples that help give you an idea of how your own landing page should be like:


Simple and to the point. This landing page does not waste any time in stating its offer to the customers and giving them a visible call to action form if they are interested in getting started. The offer is clearly stated and there are no second opinions to what the company is offering to its customers.


The smart content with a catchy headline and a statistic that generates interest, this landing page once again hits the mark as far as product offer and the CTA is concerned. The image and colors used on the page gel in nicely together to create an impactful landing page.


This landing page design is inspirational because it includes an interactive element in the CTA, which entices the audience to click on the button to begin the transaction. This is a powerful technique to engage the audience and at the end of it all, win some purchases for the product.


This landing page design is creatively designed and has only one call to action button – keeping things absolutely focused. The offer is explained in one sentence and then it gets right down to business, by providing a contrast colored CTA to get people to convert without any delays.


This landing page is a good example of how you can create an instant connection to your landing page with your visitors’ social media accounts. This way you get to build a long-term connection with your visitors so you can create a continued relationship with them.

These are just some product landing page examples with an inspirational design. If you are planning on getting a landing page made for your product, you should consult with a professional landing page designing company.

Professional companies can come up with the best designs for your landing pages that are highly effective and help in generating a good amount of conversions for your business.

Also, as a concluding note, remember that companies that have landing pages which vary between 10 to 15 are able to experience a 55 percent increase in leads. Therefore, the greater number of landing pages you have, the better your company will perform.

So what are you waiting for? Get single product landing pages designed for your company and begin to see improved results from your online marketing campaigns!

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